100 Good Cartoonist Quotes

- "As a kid, I knew I wanted to be either a cartoonist or an astronaut. The latter was never much of a possibility, as I don't even like riding in elevators." - Bill Watterson

- "I like the Internet as place to get instant gratification: posting a comic online is the quickest way to get attention for your art, but I have been talking to a lot of younger, aspiring cartoonists who very quickly get discouraged if they aren't getting a lot of attention immediately. This can also be aggravated by artists who appear to be really quickly Tumblr-famous, and get lots of notes on their work." - Liz Prince

- "During the production of the Steamboy film, what I put my most effort in was the process of layouts, and I did my best to check every detail. Once this process is done precisely, we will get great backgrounds from our art team. This makes the team effort fun. I can't create a movie by myself. It is worthy only because many staff bring new ideas and techniques. I think the appeal of being the director is to encounter such new things, which I don't possess. It is absolutely wonderful to create something new based on teamwork. It is something that I couldn't appreciate in my cartoonist days." - Katsuhiro Otomo

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- "I think most cartoonists are solitary, lonely kids who use their work as a way to try to connect with the world. If I had any other skills that were more performative - if I could have been a musician or an actor - I'm sure I would have pursued that instead in order to get that instant feedback and to hear applause." - Adrian Tomine

- "A cartoonist is someone who has to draw the same thing day after day without repeating himself." - Charles M. Schulz

- "Most success springs from an obstacle or failure." - Scott Adams

Famous Cartoonist Quotes

- "I hope some historian will confirm that I was the first cartoonist to use the word 'booger' in a newspaper comic strip." - Bill Watterson

- "In many ways, my entire graphic novel career was a long diversion. Originally, all I wanted to do was to be an underground cartoonist and maybe bring out a groovy underground mag." - Alan Moore

- "I decided I was going to tell these stories. I went around and met Crumb. He was the cartoonist. I started realizing comics weren't just kid stuff." - Harvey Pekar

- "I've always defined myself not as a cartoonist , but as an entrepreneur. That was true before I tried cartooning. I always imagined cartooning would be how I got my seed capital. I always thought my other businesses would be the less dominant part of my life." - Scott Adams

- "When I look around and see how aged cartoonists continue to work on their manga and how movie directors create new movies all the time, I understand that they would never retire. And by the same token, I guess I will still be making games somehow. The only question is whether the younger people will be willing to work with me at that far point in the future." - Shigeru Miyamoto

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- "I'm a better editorial cartoonist by default because so many editorial cartoonists out there are so awful." - Ted Rall

- "I thought how proud I am to be standing up beside my dad. Never did it occur to me that he would become the gist for cartoonists." - George W. Bush

- "Terrorism really doesn't strike at physical structures as much as it strikes at ideas, and its main fear is ideas. And cartoonists are particularly effective at distilling ideas." - Jack Ohman

Cartoonist Related Quotes

- "I get nervous about the effect that the high speed of everything will have on creativity. It's already sad for me to see that a lot of young aspiring cartoonists are putting stuff on the web, doing animation on the computer rather than making zines or mini-comics, which seem to be going the way of the dinosaur." - Adrian Tomine

- "Alternative cartoonists have to rely on comic book stores to get their stuff in the hands of readers." - Jim Woodring

- "Look! A trickle of water running through some dirt! I'd say our afternoon just got booked solid!" - Bill Watterson

- "You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!" - Dr. Seuss

- "I never studied art, but taught myself to draw by imitating the New Yorker cartoonists of that day, instead of doing my homework." - Bil Keane

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- "We consume everything like potato chips. In this environment, I suspect the cartoonist's connection with readers is likely to be superficial and fleeting, unless he taps into some fervent special interest niche. And that audience, almost by definition, will be tiny." - Bill Watterson

Cartoon Quotes About Love

- "I was never asked to join the Editorial Cartoonists Of America. No fraternity would have me in college, either. I think they know something." - Berkeley Breathed

- "I am not one to generalize, but cartoonists, as a group, exhibit a level of social sophistication generally associated with pie fights. In high school, when the future lawyers were campaigning for class president, the future cartoonists were painstakingly altering illustrations in their history books so that Robert E. Lee appeared to be performing an illegal act with his horse." - Dave Barry

- "The syndicates take the strip and sell it to newspapers and split the income with the cartoonists. Syndicates are essentially agents. Now, can you imagine a novelist giving his literary agent the ownership of his characters and all reprint, television, and movie rights before the agent takes the manuscript to a publisher? Obviously, an author would have to be a raving lunatic to agree to such a deal, but virtually every cartoonist does exactly that when a syndicate demands ownership before agreeing to sell the strip to newspapers." - Bill Watterson

- "I've never met a cartoonist who isn't quirky or weird in some ways." - Jules Feiffer

- "Both of my parents were cartoonists - they met in art school - so I was always drawing and I was the best artist in my class and all that stuff." - Mark Alan Stamaty

- "Too often cartoonists just look at other cartoonists and, after a lot of inbreeding, everyone has the same funny look. The challenge of drawing is that there is no one right way to visually describe something. It's a good thing to confront your limitations and preconceptions every so often." - Bill Watterson

- "The best thing about being a cartoonist is to walk into a bar or someone's apartment and they don't know you, but they've taped one of your pieces up." - Ted Rall

- "I guess I consider myself a cartoonist first, though I was "trained" as a painter/printmaker/sculptor. If there's still any resistance to cartooning in the nuts-and-bolts world of acquiring the means of survival, it's probably mostly on the pay scale. If graphic novels are selling really well and are "growing the book market" or whatever it is a businessman would say about them, I don't see it in the remuneration offered by some of the publishers." - Chris Ware

Editorial Cartoonist Quotes

- "Our visual cortexes are wired to quickly recognize faces and then quickly subtract massive amounts of detail from them, zeroing in on their essential message: Is this person happy? Angry? Fearful? Individual faces may vary greatly, but a smirk on one is a lot like a smirk on another. Smirks are conceptual, not pictorial. Our brains are like cartoonists - and cartoonists are like our brains, simplifying and exaggerating, subordinating facial detail to abstract comic concepts." - Jonathan Franzen

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- "Without fail, every cartoonist that I asked advice from bent over backward to be helpful and encouraging. It took many forms: some of it was just an implicit acceptance, like being invited along to the dinner with all of the good cartoonists, or sitting down at a drafting table with an artist and him showing me how to draw backgrounds and perspectives." - Adrian Tomine

- "I don't believe in the concept of hell, but if I did I would think of it as filled with people who were cruel to animals." - Gary Larson

- "I started out wanting to be a straight adventure cartoonist, but in 1979 realized what my real bag was." - Mike Royer

- "If a good cartoonist can make a living making his comics, he'll continue to do that; the lesser insincere cartoonist that gets a lot of press will fall by the wayside eventually." - Gilberto Hernandez Guerrero

- "It's always a nice feeling, having people think that you feel things much deeper than you're allowed to say, but this isn't true. If you want to find out what a writer or a cartoonist really feels, look at his work. That's enough." - Shel Silverstein

Political Cartoons Quotes

- "I was doing political cartoons and getting angry to the point where I felt I was going to have to start making and throwing bombs. I thought I was probably a better cartoonist than a bomb maker." - Terry Gilliam

- "Cartooning at its best is a fine art. I'm a cartoonist who works in the medium of animation, which also allows me to paint my cartoons." - Ralph Bakshi

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- "A comic is a way of literally experiencing someone else's vision with a purity that I don't think any other medium offers; there are no technical, electronic or financial limitations; one only has to work harder to improve. Lately I think a new attitude has prevailed that comics aren't inherently an Art form, but that some cartoonists are genuinely artists." - Chris Ware

- "I think The New Yorker's cartoons aren't very political because the people who do the cartoons aren't awfully political people, and they aren't paid to be political. I think editorial cartoonists are. That's what they do. They probably have a great natural interest in politics, and then they are paid to do it, so they sort of have to hunt out these ideas. I admire editorial cartoons, but I'm also sort of happy that I don't do them because I'd hate to have to label things and I'd especially hate, more than anything, to label something Dennis Hastert or Mark Foley." - Robert Mankoff

- "I lose faith every time I have to start a new page, and this is no joke. I've occasionally been criticized over the past couple of years for publicly "complaining" about how difficult drawing comics is, yet I've only mentioned it so that the younger cartoonists who are trying it out and finding it difficult and painful realize that they're not alone. There's not really any set way of learning how to do this, and it's always a struggle to improve, and, more importantly, see accurately whether or not one's work is communicating any shred of feeling or truth at all." - Chris Ware

- "Islamic ethics is based on 'limits and proportions,' which means that the answer to an offensive cartoon is a cartoon, not the burning of embassies or the kidnapping of people designated as the enemy. Islam rejects guilt by association. Just as Muslims should not blame all Westerners for the poor taste of a cartoonist who wanted to be offensive, those horrified by the spectacle of rent-a-mob sackings of embassies in the name of Islam should not blame all Muslims for what is an outburst of fascist energy." - Amir Taheri

- "Sometimes you lie in bed at night, and you don't have a single thing to worry about...That always worries me!" - Charles M. Schulz

- "One of the perks of being a New Yorker cartoonist is that you get to hang around with interesting people. My fellow cartoonists are all interesting, and all highly creative." - Liza Donnelly

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- "I went through a phase where people would introduce me at parties as a cartoonist, and everybody felt sorry for me. 'Oh, Matt's a cartoonist.' Then people further feeling sorry for me would ask me to draw Garfield. Because I'm a cartoonist, draw Snoopy or Garfield or something." - Matt Groening

- "I can definitely say that of all my friends who I consider to be really great cartoonists, we're all trying to aim at basically the same thing, which is an ever closer representation of what it feels like to be alive." - Chris Ware

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