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- "Children are curious and are risk takers. They have lots of courage. They venture out into a world that is immense and dangerous. A child initially trusts life and the processes of life." - John Bradshaw

- "Men are; more inclined to ask curious questions than to obtain necessary instruction." - Pasquier Quesnel

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- "But I tend to think of the expressive part of me as rather tedious - never curious or responsive, but blind and self-serving." - Mark Strand

- "I have a strange situation as far as my name is concerned, because of course, what should my name really be? Is it my traditional Jewish name? Or this curious name my parents put together, partially to honor departed family members, and partially to keep me away from the absolute craziness of my grandparents' fame and the intrusiveness of their fans? So many people call me "MTT," and some do say, "Oh Maestro," and some are comfortable calling me Michael." - Michael Tilson Thomas

- "It's daring to be curious about the unknown, to dream big dreams, to live outside prescribed boxes, to take risks, and above all, daring to investigate the way we live until we discover the deepest treasured purpose of why we are here." - Luci Swindoll

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- "I can tell any liberal why he or she thinks what they think. I can predict to them what their reaction to any event or person is going to be, because I know them, because I have taken the time because I'm curious to study it. I know what liberalism is. I know from where it springs and derives, and I know the vast majority of people who are liberals, what they are going to do, say, and think about." - Rush Limbaugh

- "Ants are a curious race" - Robert Frost

- "I've been kind of toying around with the bi thing in my head. I wouldn't ever give myself the label 'bisexual,' but bi-curious? Yea." - Adam Lambert

- "...most of the press were vultures descending on the scene for curious America aplomb. Cameras inside the coffin interviewing worms." - Jim Morrison

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- "The more we study Art, the less we care for Nature. What Art really reveals to us is Nature's lack of design, her curious crudities, her extraordinary monotony, her absolutely unfinished condition." - Oscar Wilde

- "There's a theory, one I find persuasive, that the quest for knowledge is, at bottom, the search for the answer to the question: Where was I before I was born. In the beginning was what? Perhaps, in the beginning, there was a curious room, a room like this one, crammed with wonders; and now the room and all it contains are forbidden you, although it was made just for you, had been prepared for you since time began, and you will spend all your life trying to remember it." - Angela Carter

- "I have to admit that 'Psychology Today' was one of the first magazines I started reading, back when I was 13 or 14, because I was the kind of kid that was curious about the mysterious human mind - I hoped to learn about telekenisis, multiple personalities, psychosis, and various other cool and terrible things that happened inside people's heads." - Dan Chaon

- "It's not that serious I never put that much thought into us It wasn't that I loved you I was curious" - Jennifer Lopez

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- "I've just always been interested in how people lead their lives. How they survive in this world. I'm curious about people's damage, and navigating that and the way people forgive. I find it really interesting. That's why we have to transform on a daily basis, work on ourselves. It's work." - Nicole Kidman

- "There is a curious relationship between a candidate and the reporters who cover him. It can be affected by small things like a competent press staff, enough seats, sandwiches and briefings and the ability to understand deadlines." - Ronald Steel

- "Even if you don't feel appreciation, just look. Feel what you feel; take an interest and be curious." - Pema Chodron

- "During the first day, curious at having outsiders among them, a long stream of inmates came over and talked with me. Remarkably, according to what they told me, nearly every inmate in the prison didn't do it. Several thousand people had been locked up unjustly and, by an incredible coincidence, all in the same prison. On the other hand, they knew an awful lot about how to knife somebody." - Alan Alda

- "Every woman will tell the curious that with the disappearance of the spinning wheel vanished India's happiness and prosperity." - Mahatma Gandhi

- "Isn't there a curious elegance in how one moment passes into another?" - Stephen Dunn

- "A lot of people are curious why I'm a lesbian - ladies and gentlemen, the cast of Entourage." - Jane Lynch

- "Grief is a curious thing, when it happens unexpectedly. It is a Band-aid being ripped away, taking the top layer off a family. And the underbelly of a household is never pretty, ours no exception." - Jodi Picoult

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Curious Quotes And Sayings

- "Speed is scarcely the noblest virtue of graphic composition, but it has its curious rewards. There is a sense of getting somewhere fast, which satisfies a native American urge." - James Thurber

- "I definitely had one guy come up to me and ask if I knew where to get DMT. He had a crewcut and he didn't look like he'd ever done a drug in his life. He didn't seem curious he seemed like he wanted to get me to do something. Like "You're the laziest narc ever dude. This is ridiculous. What, do you think I bring drugs around with me? Are you retarded? Why don't you go find gangsters?"" - Joe Rogan

- "You only had to choose which me to talk to, for, you know, we all change our manners, depending on who has come to chat. One doesn’t behave at all the same way to a grandfather as to a bosom friend, to a professor as to a curious niece." - Catherynne M. Valente

- "Something as curious as the monarchy won't survive unless you take account of people's attitudes. After all, if people don't want it, they won't have it." - Prince Charles

- "It is curious how instinctively one protects the image of oneself from idolatry or any other handling that could make it ridiculous, or too unlike the original to be believed any longer." - Virginia Woolf

- "I've always been curious about people's psychedelic experiences, and I kind of had this assumption that I was going to have some kind of crazy mindblowing psychedelia thing happening, but actually, it was very quiet, and I didn't have any hallucinations at all. Nothing changed, except that suddenly I could hear the voice of my conscience, which I didn't ever think of as being a real voice. And ever since having that experience, I've had that voice in my head and followed it occasionally." - Larkin Grimm

- "I write because I am curious. I am curious about me." - Pat Mora

- "I'm always struck by how innately curious kids are about the world around us and how engaged and sensitive they are to what is happening .. and how many kids do want to be engaged and do what to make a difference." - Chelsea Clinton

- "If you want to cure boredom, be curious. If you're curious, nothing is a chore; it's automatic - you want to study. Cultivate curiosity, and life becomes an unending study of joy." - Tony Robbins

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- "I'm curious how people build up the codes that they live their life by, and how they come to think that that's the best way for them to function." - Noah Baumbach

- "I was curious. Here was a character where I just didn't know how they were going to write him into 13 episodes without it being one note. My fear was that I didn't want to join something where I was just going to be this prop and this mustache twirling character." - Shawn Hatosy

- "In pluralistic, democratic societies, there is the freedom to adopt the religion of your choice. This is good. This lets curious people like you run around on the loose!" - Dalai Lama

- "I really enjoy learning about other people and I'm really curious about other people." - Jared Leto

- "This curious faith is predicated on the notion that we will soon develop unlimited new sources of energy: domestic oil fields, shale oil, gasified coal, nuclear power, solar energy, and so on. This is fantastical because the basic cause of the energy crisis is not scarcity: it is moral ignorance and weakness of character. We don't know how to use energy or what to use it for. And we cannot restrain ourselves. Our time is characterized as much by the abuse and waste of human energy as it is by the abuse and waste of fossil fuel energy." - Wendell Berry

- "It may be worth noticing as a curious circumstance, when persons past forty before they were at all acquainted form together a very close intimacy of friendship. For grafts of old wood to take, there must be a wonderful congeniality between the trees." - Richard Whately

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