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- "God's grace is so powerful that it has the capacity to overcome our natural resistance to it." - R. C. Sproul

- "if one's natural feelings are suppressed long enough one develops supernatural feelings and feels surer of having a soul." - Corra May Harris

- "It seems evident that everything which exists in nature, is natural, no matter how simple or complicated a phenomenon it is; and on no occasion can the so-called 'supernatural' be anything else than a completely natural law, though it may, at the moment, be above and beyond the present understanding." - Alfred Korzybski

- "No circumstance in the natural world is more inexplicable than the diversity of form and color in the human race." - Mary Somerville

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- "The world is against individuality. It is against your being just your natural self. It wants you just to be a robot, and because you have agreed to be a robot you are in trouble. You are not a robot." - Rajneesh

- "Effective education may also require co-opting old faculties to deal with new demands. . . Because much of the content of education is not cognitively natural, the process of mastering it may not always be easy and pleasant, notwithstanding the mantra that learning is fun." - Steven Pinker

- "natural birth is full of magnificent, life-changing wisdom." - Christiane Northrup

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- "I'll admit that the discovery of evolution is humbling, but it is also empowering. It transforms our relationship to the life around us. Instead of being outsiders watching the natural world go by, we are insiders. We are part of the process; we are the exquisite result of billions of years of natural research and development." - Bill Nye

- "One can descend by imperceptible degree from the most perfect creature to the most shapeless matter, from the best-organised animal to the roughest mineral." - Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon

- "Cooperation in the most natural thing in the world" - Janine Benyus

- "As in many countries precious metals belong to the crown, so here more precious natural objects of rare beauty should belong to the public." - Henry David Thoreau

- "I have this natural thing in my head that when I sit down to write something serious, I tend to make jokes. I can't help it. I can't help but desire for the narrative to be as complicated and as truthful as possible. That's just the way my head works." - Justin Simien

- "One of the reasons the United States has actually been reducing its emissions in recent years is actually that there's been a boom in natural gas. It's displacing coal. It emits less carbon dioxide when you burn it. This is not really an Obama policy. It's just something that happened because of technology and the free market." - Chris Mooney

- "Labor, being itself a commodity, is measured as such by the labor time needed to produce the labor-commodity. And what is needed to produce this labor-commodity? Just enough labor time to produce the objects indispensable to the constant maintenance of labor, that is, to keep the worker alive and in a condition to propagate his race. The natural price of labor is no other than the wage minimum." - Karl Marx

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- "There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to the story." - Linda Hogan

- "There was no normal. There never had been. "Normal" and "natural" were the biggest lies we'd ever created." - Samantha Shannon

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- "I think being raised within a Mexican Catholic family made magical realism a very natural part of who I am as a person and as a writer. My parents always told us great stories that often had magical elements and roots within Mexican folklore. Also, I remember my father reading a book to me, when I was very young, about the lives of saints. Those were crazy scary stories! Maybe he was trying to scare me into being a good person. In the end, magical realism offers me untethered freedom to explore human frailty and the way we clumsily cobble together our lives on this strange planet." - Daniel Olivas

- "I think I was lucky to come of age in a place and time - the American South in the 1960s and '70s - when the machine hadn't completely taken over life. The natural world was still the world, and machines - TV, telephone, cars - were still more or less ancillary, and computers were unheard of in everyday life." - Ben Fountain

- "When we cultivate mystical awareness or transcendent identity--which is a natural outgrowth of meditation and other practices--what happens is that we begin to take a witness position on our own lives, and that includes our minds. We break the illusion that we think our own thoughts, which is not always the case. Some ideas just arrive in our heads." - James Redfield

- "In recent years, hours of work have been reduced, holidays have been increased, the age of entry into employment has gone up, and above all, our general health and expectation of life as a people have markedly improved. It is a natural corollary of these changes that we should work longer and retire later." - Hugh Gaitskell

- "For imitation is natural to man from his infancy. Man differs from other animals particularly in this, that he is imitative, and acquires his rudiments of knowledge in this way; besides, the delight in it is universal." - Aristotle

- "I have thought of a pulley to raise me gradually; but that would give me pain, as it would counteract my natural inclination. I would have something that can dissipate the inertia and give elasticity to the muscles. We can heat the body, we can cool it; we can give it tension or relaxation; and surely it is possible to bring it into a state in which rising from bed will not be a pain." - Samuel Johnson

- "Physics was the first of the natural sciences to become fully modern and highly mathematical.Chemistry followed in the wake of physics, but biology, the retarded child, lagged far behind." - Michael Crichton

- "Reason must approach nature with the view, indeed, of receiving information from it, not, however, in the character of a pupil, who listens to all that his master chooses to tell him, but in that of a judge, who compels the witnesses to reply to those questions which he himself thinks fit to propose. To this single idea must the revolution be ascribed, by which, after groping in the dark for so many centuries, natural science was at length conducted into the path of certain progress." - Immanuel Kant

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- "Every cell is a triumph of natural selection, and we’re made of trillions of cells. Within us, is a little universe." - Carl Sagan

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- "I am tired of the warmakers making war with our children. I am tired of our tired troops being sent over to do the dirty work for mob bosses who are going to squeeze the life out of Iraq and not leave until every asset and every natural resource has been raped from the country. I am tired of seeing Iraqis burying their loved ones and hearing the reverberating screams of mothers all over our country who are being destroyed for the benefit of a very few." - Cindy Sheehan

- "Place no hope in the feeling of assurance, in spiritual comfort. You may well have to get along without this. Place no hope in the inspirational preachers of Christian sunshine, who are able to pick you up and set you back on your feet and make you feel good for three or four days-until you fold up and collapse into despair. Self-confidence is a precious natural gift, a sign of health. But it is not the same thing as faith. Faith is much deeper, and it must be deep enough to subsist when we are weak, when we are sick, when our self-confidence is gone, when our self-respect is gone." - Thomas Merton

- "Many young persons believe themselves natural when they are only impolite and coarse." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

- "I'd need an incredibly talented make up artist to make me look natural!" - Donatella Versace

- "Ambient means the natural center or atmosphere of a space. All music has that in it- a space or center. I think it just means the atmosphere or what defines the environment of sound and maybe removing the more destructive, harsh elements and harder rhythmic elements and you get down to the stillness that's inherent. There's an ambient quality in every sound. You may have to enhance that to hear it or bring it out in a different way but there is that in every environmental sound." - Bill Laswell

- "Demonstration of individual talent involves originality and it is easy to destroy natural talent." - Viacheslav Platonov

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- "People talk about the horrors of war, but what weapon has a man invented that even approaches in cruelty some of the commoner diseases? 'Natural' death, almost by defintion, means something slow, smelly and painful." - George Orwell

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- "I got a lot out of 'Brothers Sisters' and learnt some incredible things and I think it certainly had come to a natural ending, so it was definitely time to move on." - Matthew Rhys

- "All I had was natural ability." - Mickey Mantle

- "That feels natural to me, singing in a small group of people I just can't do. You'll never hear me sing at a dinner table or anything, but this feels kinda natural. I've done it many, many times. So, and also, the pressure's off me cos I'm not singing on my own. I'm just doing a few harmonies with my stuffed nose." - George Michael

- "Grace is always natural, though that does not prevent its being often used to hide a lie. The rude shocks and uncomfortably constraining influences of life disappear among graceful women and poetical men; they are the most deceptive beings in creation; distrust and doubt cannot stand before them; they create what they imagine; if they do not lie to others, they do to their own hearts; for illusion is their element, fiction their vocation, and pleasures in appearance their happiness. Beware of grace in woman, and poetry in man -- weapons the more dangerous because the least dreaded!" - Marquis de Custine

- "She looks like a fairy tale, but yet feels so natural (natural, natural, natural)
This one's a beast, but way to wonderful to be compared to an animal" - DJ Drama

- "Any manipulation of the Scriptures to make them speak peace
to the natural man is evil and can only lead to ruin." - Aiden Wilson Tozer

- "The focus of environmental ethics should indeed be on the virtues and how these inform our relationship to natural environments." - David E. Cooper

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- "Passion is not a quality that is foreign to you. It is not a characteristic that some people are born with and some must do without. To be passionate is as natural to you as breathing, as natural as being alive. It is the source of who you are." - Barbara De Angelis

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- "I thought, 'If you're going to be on TV, and if you're going to be out and glamorous, the natural look can stay at home.'" - Pamela Anderson

- "More and more into natural feelings rather than convoluted feelings or tastemaking or what have you. You always need critique, rock critics, but you can't take away people's taste. People are starting to, very slowly, do their own thing." - Justin Vernon

- "The adventure of the sun is the greatest natural drama by which we live." - Henry Beston

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