Best 20 Diabetes Quotes Inspirational

- "The way to deal with the devil of obesity and diabetes is literally one day at a time." - Stephen Furst

- "Cardiovascular disease is a major complication of diabetes." - Antonio Gotto

- "Clean water is a necessity that we can no longer take for granted. Each year more people die of water related diseases than any other cause of death on this planet. With a higher rate of suffering and mortality than diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, or war; or any two combined for that matter! An entire economy is growing around water. Those without money are suffering the most and risk severe illness from contaminated sources" - Jewel

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- "You dont have to let your life be destroyed by diabetes. You can reclaim your life." - Della Reese

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- "One surprise is how deeply the food system is implicated in climate change. I don't think that has really been on people's radar until very recently. 25 to 33 percent of climate change gases can be traced to the food system. I was also surprised that those diseases that we take for granted as what will kill us - heart disease, cancer, diabetes - were virtually unknown 150 years ago, before we began eating this way." - Michael Pollan

- "I'm thinking of people in rural Japan and China, where McDonald's hasn't yet arrived. These are the thinnest, healthiest, longest-lived people with the least risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes." - Neal Barnard

- "I was always on the go, and thought I was too busy to develop something like this. I thought at the time that diabetes went along with bad habits, but I was the last one in my family to eat junk food." - Angie Stone

- "We are like dogs, cats, cows, rats ... What separates us from them and from the remaining matches against mammals is negligible. To have the same diseases. Rats spread plague like us, but we are just as contagious as them. And the dogs get diabetes, like we do, and get cancer, like us. And age, like us. And die, like us. Why then the biblical claim that man is the king of creation? Perhaps because only man has developed spoken language, the words, wherein lies its prodigious ability to lie." - Fernando Vallejo

- "For many years there have been treatments available which are successful and usually NOT harmful for diseases, such as AIDS, cancer, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, organ regeneration and other diseases. One by one these treatments and their creators or proponents have been targeted by the FDA, which I call the "office of orthodoxy enforcement," illegally using just powers derived from the consent of governed. These forms of tyranny are always accompanied by multi agency intrusions or harassment, confiscation of private medical files, censorship of written materials and threats or prosecution." - Charles C. Pixley

- "Most innovations, unfortunately, actually increase the net costs of the healthcare system. There's a few, particularly having to do with chronic diseases, that are an exception. If you could cure Alzheimer's, if you could avoid diabetes - those are gigantic in terms of saving money. But the incentive regime doesn't favor them." - Bill Gates

- "Dedicated researchers seek better treatments and cures for diabetes, kidney disease, Alzheimer's and every form of cancer. But these scientists face an array of disincentives. We can do better." - Michael Milken

- "Cotton candy. Like eating a cloud of diabetes." - Dana Gould

- "The medical literature tells us that the most effective ways to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and many more problems are through healthy diet and exercise. Our bodies have evolved to move, yet we now use the energy in oil instead of muscles to do our work." - David Suzuki

- "I don't care what anyone says. You have to wake up and say to yourself, 'I accept that I have diabetes, and I'm not going to let it run my entire life.' It's a fine line, a Catch-22, a balancing act. I work to enjoy my life like a regular human being and at the same time keep my blood sugar levels as decent as possible." - Bret Michaels

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Diabetes Quotes In Hindi

- "Diabetes affects my family. One of my kids is affected by it." - John Ratzenberger

- "You can have diabetes and have a piece of cake. You cannot have diabetes and eat a whole cake." - Paula Deen

- "Balanced, sensible nutrition: eat food, not too much, mostly plants, a healthy diet ala Michael Pollan, modern physical activity on a daily basis, modest weight loss - translated into a 58% reduction in the occurrence of diabetes. A clear indication of the power of lifestyle over health. The challenge now is the development of the community-based programs that will translate what we learned in the diabetes prevention program and put it to work in every town in America." - David Katz

- "Shrinking someone's stomach to the size of a walnut with surgery is one way to battle obesity and diabetes and may be lifesaving for a few, but it doesn't address the underlying causes." - Mark Hyman, M.D.

- "Children with obesity and diabetes live harder poorer lives, they often don't finish school and earn much less than their healthy counterparts." - Mark Hyman, M.D.

- "Today, diabetes is now epidemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, the American Diabetes Association and other national healthcare leaders." - Tim Holden

- "I've got one of the best health care teams out there as far as diabetes management." - Charlie Kimball

- "I may not be funny. I may not be a singer. I may not be a damn seamstress. I may have diabetes. I may have really bad vision. I may have one leg. I may not know how to read. I may not know who the vice president is. I may technically be an alien of the state. I may have a Zune. I may not know Excel. I may be two 9-year-olds in a trench coat. I may not have full control of my bowels. I may drive a '94 Honda Civic. I may not “get” cameras. I may dye my hair with Hydrogen Peroxide. I may be afraid of trees. I may be on fire right now. But I'm a fierce queen." - Justin Johnson

- "Diet-related illnesses are causing nearly as many deaths as tobacco-related illnesses, not to mention the impact on quality of life when you start to develop adult-onset diabetes as a child, or all these other diet-related illnesses." - Anna Lappe

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- "I have never heard about any perfect marriage. They say perfect marriages are made in heaven. Nobody comes back from there so maybe it is true, but what kind of marriage will those perfect marriages be? There will be no tension, there will be no individuality in the man or in the woman. They will never collide, they will never fight. They will be too sweet to each other. And too much sweetness brings diabetes! Marriage is an institution that teaches a man regularity, frugality, temperance, forbearance and many other splendid virtues he would not need had he stayed single." - Rajneesh

- "Fight the staggering rise of type-2 diabetes by simply learning to cook healthy fresh food - it's fun, and it could save your life!" - Jamie Oliver

- "Recommending gastric bypass as a national solution for our diabetes epidemic is bad medicine and bad economics." - Mark Hyman, M.D.

- "Diabetes is passed that way -- over and down, like a knight in chess." - Maile Meloy

- "I do not love to work out, but if I stick to exercising every day and put the right things in my mouth, then my diabetes just stays in check." - Halle Berry

- "Diabetes is a disease that's had a deep impact on my family. My little brother has had type 1 diabetes since he was a baby and I have spent time learning about the disease and trying to bring attention to it so that one day soon we will reach a cure." - Izabel Goulart

- "Most innovations, unfortunately, actually increase the net costs of the healthcare system. There's a few, particularly having to do with chronic diseases, that are an exception. If you could cure Alzheimer's, if you could avoid diabetes - those are gigantic in terms of saving money. But the incentive regime doesn't favor them." - Bill Gates

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- "Through Clinton and Monica, Clinton and Hillary, the scandal, the impeachment, Iraq, Bruce and Demi, Ellen and Anne, I have remained consistently and nauseatingly adorable. I have, in fact, been known to cause diabetes." - Meg Ryan

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- "We have to always spread sugar on top of it in order that we can tolerate swallowing the things we're supposed to do, which is an incredibly depressing way of thinking about living your life. Not just that your work or your home life would be so miserable that you have to slather sugar on it, but then the sugar is all you're tasting. If that's the only way that I'm finding meaning, then we have this sort of mental diabetes that we're descending into." - Ian Bogost

- "Diabetes taught me discipline." - Sonia Sotomayor

- "I had an emotional breakdown since I really had no idea what diabetes was all about. I wondered, 'why me?' Then I asked myself, 'why not me?' and realized that I might be able to help other kids with diabetes." - Nick Jonas

- "When the link between the use of unsafe, mercury-laden vaccine and autism, ADHD, asthma, allergies and diabetes becomes undeniable, mainstream medicine will be sporting a huge, self-inflicted and well-deserved black eye. Then will come the billion-dollar awards, by enraged juries, to the children and their families. I can't wait." - Bernard Rimland

- "In the 1970s vampires were pretty boring. The scariest vampire was Count Chocula. One bite of Count Chocula and you were cursed with Type 2 diabetes." - Craig Ferguson

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- "I don't sugarcoat it you'd die from diabetes if these other niggas wrote it" - Kendrick Lamar

- "In 1960, fewer than 13 percent of Americans were obese, and diabetes had been diagnosed in 1 percent. Today, the percentage of obese Americans has almost tripled; the percentage of Americans with diabetes has increased sevenfold." - Gary Taubes

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- "Im at a slightly higher risk for type 2 diabetes, and my grandmother had diabetes. My hemoglobin a1c, which is one of the measures, started being a little high when I was drinking a ton of that coconut water." - Anne Wojcicki

- "The triumph of sugar over diabetes." - George Jean Nathan

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