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- "Many of the most successful men I have known have never grown up. Youthfulness of spirit is the twin brother of optimism... Resist growing up!" - B. C. Forbes

- "Real optimism is not the pep talk you give yourself. It is earned through the labor involved in emotional housekeeping." - Augusten Burroughs

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- "I kinda like the duality of California and the dark side, the underbelly of California, and I think that's what this album ['California']feels like - there's endless hope and optimism but there's also a darker side." - Mark Hoppus

- "The test of all beliefs is their practical effect in life. If it be true that optimism compels the world forward, and pessimism retards it, then it is dangerous to propagate a pessimistic philosophy." - Helen Keller

- "Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery." - Jane Austen

- "Blending hard-bitten realism with long-view optimism, Obama said that every 20 or 30 years brings a new cycle of pessimism in America." - Ron Fournier

- "It is important to possess a short-term pessimism and a long-term optimism." - Adrienne Rich

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- "Beyond the pervasive disinterest in the visual arts among the Protestant community, the core problem lies in the fact that the art world rejects on several grounds work that is in any way explicitly Christian in content and also shrugs off as naive anything that has the semblance of hope or optimism in outlook." - John Walford

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- "We Americans have many grave problems to solve, many threatening evils to fight, and many deeds to do, if, as we hope and believe, we have the wisdom, the strength, and the courage and the virtue to do them. But we must face facts as they are. We must neither surrender ourselves to a foolish optimism, nor succumb to a timid and ignoble pessimism." - Theodore Roosevelt

- "Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries." - James A. Michener

- "A stumbling block to the pessimist is a stepping-stone to the optimist." - Eleanor Roosevelt

- "I have always preferred cheerfulness to mirth. The latter I consider as an act, the former as a habit of mind. Mirth is short and transient, cheerfulness fixed and permanent." - Joseph Addison

- "Patience is the art of caring slowly." - John Ciardi

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- "How vain are our fears! I thought to myself. Sometimes we fear that which our opponent (or fate) had never even considered! After this, then, is it any longer worthwhile to rack one's brain to find new ghosts to fear? No, indeed: All hail optimism! - upon playing Hermanis Mattison after he overlooked an unusual knight manouevre." - Aron Nimzowitsch

- "Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet. Make all your friends feel there is something special in them. Look at the sunny side of everything. Think only the best, be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. Give everyone a smile. Spend so much time improving yourself that you have no time left to criticize others. Be too big for worry and too noble for anger." - Norman Vincent Peale

- "Look at the optimism of Nature. Nothing can stop it. Only the ego makes humans pessimistic, and this causes suffering." - Mata Amritanandamayi

- "To give so much time to the improvement of yourself
That you have no time to criticise others,
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear,
And too happy to permit the presence of trouble." - Christian D. Larson

- "Now the basic impulse behind existentialism is optimistic, very much like the impulse behind all science. Existentialism is romanticism, and romanticism is the feeling that man is not the mere he has always taken himself for. Romanticism began as a tremendous surge of optimism about the stature of man. Its aim - like that of science - was to raise man above the muddled feelings and impulses of his everyday humanity, and to make him a god-like observer of human existence." - Colin Wilson

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- "Even in a gleefully negative comic, there is optimism, although it's slightly hidden: It comes out through a comic character's sheer tenacity. He keeps going and trying to find some sort of fulfillment regardless of his perpetual failure record. That's a form of hope, a form of optimism. Really hokey I know, but it's true." - Lev Yilmaz

- "Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. To make all your friends feel that there is some thing in them." - Christian D. Larson

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- "I am by nature a worried optimist." - Madeleine Albright

- "There is no fun in psychiatry. If you try to get fun out of it, you pay a considerable price for your unjustifiable optimism." - Harry Stack Sullivan

- "I trust, and I recognize the beneficence of the power which we all worship as supreme- Order, Fate, the Great Spirit, Nature, God. I recognize this power in the sun that makes all things grow and keeps life afoot. I make a friend of this indefinable forceā€¦this is my religion of optimism." - Helen Keller

- "He who cannot rest, cannot work; he who cannot let go, cannot hold on; he who cannot find footing, cannot go forward." - Harry Emerson Fosdick

- "Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it." - P. J. O'Rourke

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- "There is a place in men's lives where pictures do in fact bleed, ghosts gibber and shriek, maidens run forever through mysterious landscapes from nameless foes; that place is, of course, the world of dreams and of the repressed guilts and fears that motivate them [i.e., the unconscious]. This world the dogmatic optimism and shallow psychology of the Age of Reason had denied; and yet this world it is the final, perhaps the essential, purpose of the gothic romance to assert." - Leslie Fiedler

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- "The seven principles of Kwanzaa - unity, self-determinat ion, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith -- teach us that when we come together to strengthen our families and communities and honor the lesson of the past, we can face the future with joy and optimism." - William J. Clinton

- "If empathy channels our optimism, we will see the empathy and the diseases and the poor school. We will answer with our innovations and we will surprise the pessimists." - Bill Gates

- "The risk is that you've got a vast majority of the electorate saying that they believe the country is going seriously in the wrong direction. But the message here will be hope and optimism and also underscoring the history nature of this, with a woman taking the - a major party nomination for the first time." - Jonathan Karl

- "Children are born optimists and we slowly educate them out of their heresy" - Louise Imogen Guiney

- "Rebels defy the rules of society, risking everything to retain their humanity. If the world Atwood depicts is chilling, if 'God is losing,' the only hope for optimism is a vision that includes the inevitability of human struggle against the prevailing order." - Joyce Johnson

- "Winning has nothing to do with racing. Most days don't have races anyway. Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up." - Amby Burfoot

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