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- "There's a kind of edge to what you're doing, the kind of leading edge of what you're doing. Inside that edge [are elements you] are familiar with, and are probably becoming slightly bored with, as well, over a period of time. "I've pulled that one out before. Oh, no, I can't I'm just fed up with that. Let's do something else."And you always think "Oh my God I've never done anything at all like that before." But, of course, in retrospect, and to an outsider, they'll say, "Oh, yeah that's typical Eno." - Brian Eno

- "I think being funny had something to do with feeling like an outsider, not feeling cool - insecurity." - Kumail Nanjiani

- "I was an outsider, never quite part of what was going on, always looking in. It turned out to be great preparation for writing fiction." - Hallie Ephron

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- "There is in every country an antipathy to the foreigner." - Eleanor Roosevelt

- "I think that one not only has to make demands on the established group, but one also has to make demands on the outsider group. One has to make clear: if you want to leave, please do so. But if you want to stay here, a degree of accommodation to the Dutch outlook, Dutch manners, and a degree of identification with the Netherlands will be expected of you. There is no reason why there cannot be Dutch Turks or Dutch Moroccans. But one can expect from them a degree of identification, some change of their own social identity." - Norbert Elias

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- "It is not hard to feel like an outsider. I think we have all felt like that at one time or another." - Alan Cumming

- "Despite everything, Trump remains what he's always been, an outsider who is completely not just underestimated, but misunderstood by all of those in Washington who are still trying to find a way to plug him into their system, and that's never gonna work out. They're never gonna understand him if that's how they approach it." - Rush Limbaugh

- "Mary's [Hamill] working from an outsider perspective and I'm working from an insider-outside perspective. In this case, it will bring an added dimension to the visual aspects of the work. Also the processes and approaches that I'm thinking are about learning. I'm playing it by ear to experiment and see what happens." - Chath Piersath

- "I guess they often cast me as the bad guy, because I'm not, er, conventional looking. I look sort of violent. I'm the odd one out, the outsider." - Willem Dafoe

- "I know I am a human being. I can give myself to one year for a project. That is why I say I'm primitive in the way I work, especially compared to most artists. I came to New York in 1974, knowing that it is the art center of the world. But I didn't go to find people for my work. I do the work, and the people come to me, and I learn from them. That has always been my approach - to do the job first and then to respond to it after I finish and learn what people think about it. That's how I develop, and I'm more of an outsider in that way." - Tehching Hsieh

- "I had no idea what I was walking into, and the years and years of hard work it would take. I felt like an outsider and like it was never going to happen. But even if I would have known, I think I still would have done it. Dancers are perfectionists, and that's what keeps us going and growing." - Misty Copeland

- "It's like people believe all you need to do is like the same bands in order to be soulmates. Or book. Oh my like The Outsiders's like we're the same person! No, we're not. It's like we have the same English teacher. There's a difference." - John Green

- "During the first day, curious at having outsiders among them, a long stream of inmates came over and talked with me. Remarkably, according to what they told me, nearly every inmate in the prison didn't do it. Several thousand people had been locked up unjustly and, by an incredible coincidence, all in the same prison. On the other hand, they knew an awful lot about how to knife somebody." - Alan Alda

- "I've always straddled a weird line - there's a lot of mainstream stuff that I love. At the same, I still feel like an outsider. I'm the outsider who's on the inside." - Zooey Deschanel

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- "Heart is what drives us and determines our fate. That is what I need for my characters in my books: a passionate heart. I need mavericks, dissidents, adventurers, outsiders and rebels, who ask questions, bend the rules and take risks." - Isabel Allende

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- "I saw myself as an outsider as a teen. I was home-schooled and got my G.E.D. when I was 16; I wasn't interested in high school at all and figured that college might be more entertaining." - Maggie Stiefvater

- "We're all outsiders in a way. We're all alone and can become very lonely" - Hugo Weaving

- "The War Party has two wings: the Democrats and the Republicans. All others are outsiders, whose ability to storm the gates is 'legally' restricted by a nearly impassable series of bureaucratic obstacles designed to keep them out while still maintaining the 'democratic' illusion, i.e. the phony two-party system, which is in reality a single entity." - Justin Raimondo

- "I think it's hard for an outsider to capture the flavor of a community and all its nuances, so ultimately Haitian-Americans need to start sharing intimate accounts of their stories." - Edwidge Danticat

- "I think that "Arabs coming out in droves" is so violative Jewish values that non-Jews admire so much about Jewish people throughout history, of welcoming the stranger, of standing up for the outsider, of defending the marginalized. This was classic us against them. This was the narrowest and meanest of politics, to which Jews, sadly and tragically, around the world have been subjected to." - Mark Shields

- "It would be a mistake to overstate the similarities between the Brexit vote and Trump's win - but there are common themes, not least in the rallying cries that the winning campaigns used. They focused on a supposed economic threat posed by outsiders, as immigrants or as trade partners. This fuelling of anxieties underpinned a narrative centered on the need to "regain control," whether of borders or of economic forces." - Mariana Mazzucato

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- "No chord in populism reverberates more strongly than the notion that the robust common sense of an unstained outsider is the best medicine for an ailing polity. Caligula doubtless got big cheers from the plebs when he installed his horse as proconsul." - Alexander Cockburn

- "Living in a state of psychic unrest, in a Borderland, is what makes poets write and artists create." - Gloria E. AnzaldĂșa

- "I grew up in a high school where it was very conservative, and I felt like people disapproved of me, and I felt like an outsider." - Madonna Ciccone

- "The gods we make in our own image are tribal gods. They tell you how very, very little you should tolerate outsiders, who are less favoured of the Lord. Amazingly, there are no recorded cases of the holy man going up the mountain and finding that it's the others who are right. It always turns out that God wants unbelievers to suffer, and what could be more noble than to help him a little? When religion rules, toleration disappears, for you cannot cherish the verdict of death to the infidels, yet also tolerate those who disagree - for those are the very same infidels." - Simon Blackburn

- "And what they believe in real life is complicated. Theodor Koch-Grunberg wrote in his diary that indigenous peoples in the Amazon see these outsiders following in each other's footsteps as the same person, a single soul traversing across several lives. They also see time as something that doesn't proceed inexorably into the future." - Tom Cole

- "In every society the artist or writer remains an outsider." - Simone de Beauvoir

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- "I was like a cat always climbing the wrong tree." - Carson McCullers

- "I've just always been a fan of really fringy, outsider things, and I've always been a balloon in the wind, in terms of where that takes me." - Chris Bauer

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- "It seems to me that this debate, whether Islam is a religion of peace or not, really, it's irrelevant for outsiders. It's for Muslims to decide whether it's a religion of peace or not." - Chuck Todd

- "I believe in the utmost importance of one human being's actions toward another. This is actually what I believe in. How we handle one another, that's what makes us feel isolated, feel like outsiders sometimes. These questions are overwhelming. "What do you do in this world?" I believe in that more than anything." - Ramin Bahrani

- "The radicals...want speech regulated by codes that proscribe certain language. They see free speech as at best a delusion, at worst a threat to the welfare of minorities and women....The most obvious (and cynical) explanation for the switched positions is the switched situations. Protesting students became established professors and administrators. For outsiders, free speech is bread and butter; for insiders, indigestion. To the new academics, unregulated free speech spells trouble." - Russell Jacoby

- "I was not familiar with the book [before filming in The Outsiders] , though. Interestingly, The Outsiders had not reached the point where it is now, where it's required reading in sixth and seventh grades. In my sixth and seventh grade, we did not, but today everyone does." - Rob Lowe

- "A society whose principles are acquisition, profit, and property produces a social character oriented around having, and once the dominant pattern is established, nobody wants to be an outsider, or indeed an outcast; in order to avoid this risk everybody adapts to the majority, who have in common only their mutual antagonism." - Erich Fromm

- "Francis [Ford Coppola] was on the cover of Time Magazine for One From The Heart and for owning a studio, and he was fresh off of Apocalypse [Now] and The Godfather films, so he was at the absolute top of his game and legend [in The Outsiders ]." - Rob Lowe

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- "Actors are always outsiders. It's necessary to be able to interpret - and that gets distorted when you become famous." - Al Pacino

- "I'm definitely not an outsider artist. I'm very much an insider artist. I get written about in art magazines, and I'm not, like, in a mental institution. I'm a regular guy who went to art school." - David Shrigley

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- "I came from another county. I spent 15 years in Wells, but I was treated like an outsider. It was like, "Oh, you're not local."" - Edgar Wright

- "I always felt an outsider." - J. K. Rowling

- "Being an outsider to some extent, someone who does not "fit in" with others or is rejected by them for whatever reason, makes life difficult, but it also places you at an advantage as far as enlightenment is concerned. It takes you out of unconsciousness almost by force." - Eckhart Tolle

- "Let us not forget that group of self-taught, outsider artists who never stepped foot in any classroom and cared less about even exhibiting, and yet ended up with an audience of avid admirers." - Scott Kahn

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- "It wasn't easy for me to start in Bollywood because I was an outsider." - Esha Gupta

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