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- "I wish I could write lyrical poems, but I just write the way they come." - Tom Paulin

- "All the lyrical rappers I know is broke." - French Montana

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- "'Elect the Dead' is a rock record that takes you on a journey with different types of genres integrated, different lyrical themes digested, and many fun and colorful moments to enjoy." - Serj Tankian

- "I'm selling my soul to Hollywood Records. I love you like a love song baby, a sinful, miracle, lyrical. He ate my soul. He's Lucifer. I'm torn I'm selling my soul to the rhythm because I'm become so possessed with the music he plays. I chose a path and I'm not looking back." - Selena Gomez

- "They lyrical content has grown more introspective and less abstract. I don't know if that's good or bad... Sometimes it feels a little raw to be putting so much of myself out there." - Marc Edwards

- "Carol Guess's poems are sexy, intuitive, angry, and hopeful. These lyrical narratives measure the impossibly small distance between love and fear. They are a reminder that we're all vulnerable little vessels filled by the people who can break us." - Zachary Schomburg

- "I've programmed myself musically to come up with love-feeling tracks that are romantic, sexy, but classy, all in one. And that's the challenge. Once I create that music, then the lyrical content starts to come - you know, the stories and things like that." - R. Kelly

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- "Fiction and poetry are my first loves, but the really beautiful lyrical essay can do so much that other forms cannot." - Chris Abani

- "Hands, touching hands, reaching out, touching me, touching you." - Neil Diamond

- "All lyrical work must, as a whole, be perfectly intelligible, but in some particulars a little unintelligible." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

- "Rick Bass is one of a dwindling handful of American fiction writers still celebrating the importance of place, the natural world, and the struggle of a few brave souls to live and work respectfully in what's left of our western wilderness...The Lives of Rocks is his most lyrical and powerful book to date...a masterwork." - Howard Frank Mosher

- "For the source of the short story is usually lyrical. And all writers speak from, and speak to, emotions eternally the same in all of us: love, pity, terror do not show favorites or leave any of us out." - Eudora Welty

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- "Some of my favorite all-time movies - Wong Kar-wai is just amazing. In the Mood for Love is probably my favorite film ever. Those lyrical montages are so stunning." - Cherien Dabis

- "I write what I see and whatever inspires me. The energy the earth gives me, what's on my mind, or what's in my heart becomes part of the lyrical content." - Rick DeJesus

- "When I was growing up, Dr. Seuss was really my favorite. There was something about the lyrical nature and the simplicity of his work that really hit me." - Tim Burton

- "There's no linear narrative - the structure is more like a series of variations on a theme (how identity is shaped by language), with the past constantly bleeding into the present, dreams into reality. And the language, while incredibly lyrical in places, also has this underlying dissonance, the sense of it having itself been translated." - Deborah Smith

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- "Music should probably provide answers in terms of lyrical content, and giving people a sense of togetherness and oneness, as opposed to being alone in their thoughts and dilemmas or regrets or happiness or whatever." - Peabo Bryson

- "Yo, I'm god incarnate. From the grimiest back blocks. Pazienza lyrical equivalent of Sasquatch" - Vinnie Paz

- "She remembered the heroines of novels she had read, and the lyrical legion of those adulterous women began to sing in her memory with sisterly voices that enchanted her. Now she saw herself as one of those amoureuses whom she had so envied: she was becoming, in reality, one of that gallery of fictional figures; the long dream of her youth was coming true." - Gustave Flaubert

- "Rick Bass is one of a dwindling handful of American fiction writers still celebrating the importance of place, the natural world, and the struggle of a few brave souls to live and work respectfully in what's left of our western wilderness...The Lives of Rocks is his most lyrical and powerful book to date...a masterwork." - Howard Frank Mosher

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- "Reaching deep into the heart of the reader, Cindy Woodsmall pens a beautifully lyrical story in her debut novel When the Heart Cries." - Tamera Alexander

- "Who among us has not dreamt, in moments of ambition, of the miracle of a poetic prose, musical without rhythm and rhyme, supple and staccato enough to adapt to the lyrical stirrings of the soul, the undulations of dreams, and sudden leaps of consciousness." - Charles Baudelaire

- "In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." - Paul McCartney

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- "For public opinion does not admit that lofty rapturous laughter is worthy to stand beside lofty lyrical emotion and that there isall the difference in the world between it and the antics of a clown at a fair." - Nikolai Gogol

- "It is true I do not like fire. But Leo Valdez's flames are not strong enough to trouble me." Somewhere behind Hazel, a soft, lyrical voice said, "What about my flames, old friend?" "You," he said from Percy's mouth. "Me," Hecate agreed. "It has been millennia since I fought at the side of a demigod. What do you say? Shall we play with fire?" - Rick Riordan

- "Primitive times are lyrical, ancient times epical, modern times dramatic. The ode sings of eternity, the epic imparts solemnity tohistory, the drama depicts life. The characteristic of the first poetry is ingeniousness, of the second, simplicity, of the third, truth." - Victor Hugo

- "Beauty is lyrical. Ugliness is elegiac." - Mason Cooley

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- "Anytime there is any lyrical meaning or combination in my mixes, it's very blatant. I'm not trying to make any statement or anything like that." - Girl Talk

- "Logic , like lyrical poetry , is no employment for the middle-aged" - John Maynard Keynes

- "I am convinced that God is love, this thought has for me a primitive lyrical validity. When it is present to me, I am unspeakably blissful, when it is absent, I long for it more vehemently than does the lover for his object." - Soren Kierkegaard

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- "It was about working with other musicians, but more than that it's about exploring musical areas that you could never do with the band you're in, in my case Judas Priest. You could tackle musical areas and lyrical areas that wouldn't be appropriate for Priest." - Glenn Tipton

- "At a time when public finances are under huge strain, we surely do not need to pay celebrities to wax lyrical to mandarins. Unless American comedians can make the Home Office fit for purpose, the taxpayer won't be laughing." - Chris Huhne

- "It starts off like climbing a tree or solving a puzzle - poetry, if nothing else, is just fun to write. But deeper into each and every piece, you no longer hesitate to call it work. It's passion. A poet's sense of lyrical accomplishment is then his food and water, his means of survival." - Criss Jami

- "There is a string attached to Maia Sharp's voice. And when she sings, you find that the other
end is attached to your gut. Her voice is lush and sensual and the emotions she articulates
resonate with the small feelings we have that sometimes are hard to face..there is an edge to
her songs, but also a softness...she is lyrical and conversational at the same time. Her CD was
the only one in my machine for a month. Her work inspires me to dig deeper." - Kathy Mattea

- "I'm someone who is pretty modest and doesn't like to talk about my love stories. Songs bring a lyrical quality to it, simply. It allows the audience to perceive the characters' love life in a way that is much more obvious than it might have been." - Christophe Honore

- "jazz is the expression of America's romantic self, its sensual potency, its lyrical force." - Anais Nin

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- "Graffiti is linear and it's done with a pencil, and it's like writing on walls. But in my paintings it's more lyrical." - Cy Twombly

- "With impeccable timing and a fine instinct for the telling detail, Francesca Abbate evokes the plenitudes and the deprivations of human habitation, the nurturing richness of landscape, and the soul-wound wrought by casual defacement. Abbate has a superb capacity for distillation and a mastery of poetic line, and her diction is remarkably flexible, accommodating both the demotic and the lyrical. Her poems are as consistent in quality as they are varied in pacing, surface, and tone. A fine first book." - Linda Gregerson

- "Munch writes poetry with color. He has taught himself to see the full potential of color in art His use of color is above all lyrical. He feels color and he reveals his feelings through colors; he does not see them in isolation. He does not just see yellow, red and blue and violet; he sees sorrow and screaming and melancholy and decay." - Sigbjørn Obstfelder

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