Best 90 Gangster Quotes Short

- "I had the advantage of reading the book, and when the script was first submitted to me, it was just another gangster story - the east side taking over the west side and all that." - Edward G. Robinson

- "I met this gangster who pulls up people's pants. Name's Wedgie Kray." - Tim Vine

- "Cats were the gangsters of the animal world, living outside the law and often dying there. There were a great many of them who never grew old by the fire." - Stephen King

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- "You know, I often thought that the gangster and the artist are the same in the eyes of the masses. They're admired and hero-worshipped but there is always present underlying desire to see them destroyed at the peak of their glory." - Stanley Kubrick

- "I could be a comedian. I could be a gangster. I could play all of those parts, even for the first time... I'm versatile." - Lil Boosie

- "If I like hardcore straight-edge punk music, gentle psychedelic folk music, gangster rap, indie-rock with a lot of guitar pedals, and I find inspiration from all these things in different songs of mine, shouldn't I be allowed to make any of this kind of music that I want? And it's the same for the comic books, why should I only make autobiographical stories? Or only political stories? Or only superhero stories? Or only comedy stories? I am a bit creatively desperate, when I sit with a pen and paper I am desperate for ANY idea that makes me excited, I don't care what kind of idea it is!" - Jeffrey Lewis

Gangster Quotes About Respect

- "Gun control? It's the best thing you can do for crooks and gangsters. I want you to have nothing. I'm a bad guy; I'm always gonna have a gun. Safety locks? You will pull the trigger with a lock on, and I'll pull the trigger. We'll see who wins." - Sammy Gravano

- "The area of teenage life is not necessarily rarefied; we've all gone through that period. It's not as rarefied as a western or a space adventure or a gangster film, but it has its own dynamic." - Gus Van Sant

- "As a conscious rap artist, you should not want to be in a gangster market. You should be trying to establish your own market, create a place where you can be yourself and make some money and feed your family." - KRS-One

- "What do you call those things at the bottom of rivers? Frogs? Stones? Unsuccessful gangsters?" - Terry Pratchett

- "I'm not a gangster, bro." - ASAP Rocky

- "I move in a society so devoid of ordinary reality that I am continually stopping to teach good sense, to give support, to help out, as a young gangster might help an old lady across the street on his way to the stick-up." - Paul Goodman

- "I have obviously failed to galvanize and prod, if not shame enough Americans to be ever vigilant not to let a Chicago communist raised communist educated communist nurtured subhuman mongrel like the ACORN community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America." - Ted Nugent

- "I'd love to play a gangster but I think people might say I looked a bit too young and cheeky to play a character who'd just blown someones head off!" - Dominic Monaghan

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- "I think we're fascinated by gangsters and that whole lifestyle and crossing the line. We get sort of stuck in our normal lives, if you will, and you want to be bigger than life and I think people somehow live through these sorts of characters." - Denzel Washington

- "First you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women." - Matt Groening

- "At the beginning of his administration, Reagan tried set the basis for American military intervention in El Salvador - which is about what Kennedy did when he came into office in regard to Vietnam. Well, when Kennedy tried it in Vietnam, it just worked like a dream. Virtually nobody opposed American bombing of South Vietnam in 1962. It was not an issue. But when Reagan began to talk of involving American forces in El Salvador there was a huge popular uproar. And he had to choose a much more indirect way of supporting the collection of gangsters in power there. He had to back off." - Noam Chomsky

- "I so wreak of logic and commonsense that it is obviously very refreshing in this world of otherwise soulless politically correct denial and dishonesty. God knows America would be the greatest again if she operated like the Nugent family. No takers, no whiners, no gangsters, no dopers, no drunks, no criminals, no bloodsuckers, no excuse makers, no crybabies, no punks, no Obama supporters. My entire team are dedicated to be the absolute best that we can be and as productive as humanly possible. Wouldn't that be great if all of America were like that." - Ted Nugent

Gangsters Quotes About Life

- "The truth is that every intelligent man, as you know, dreams of being a gangster and of ruling over society by force alone. As it is not so easy as the detective novels might lead one to believe, one generally relies on politics and joins the cruelest party.What does it matter, after all, if by humiliating one's mind one succeeds in dominating every one? I discovered in myself sweet dreams of oppression." - Albert Camus

- "Television is of great educational value. It teaches you while still young how to (a) kill, (b) rob, (c) embezzle, (d) shoot, (e) poison, and, generally speaking, (f) how to grow up into a Wild West outlaw or gangster by the time you leave school." - George Mikes

- "I so wreak of logic and commonsense that it is obviously very refreshing in this world of otherwise soulless politically correct denial and dishonesty. God knows America would be the greatest again if she operated like the Nugent family. No takers, no whiners, no gangsters, no dopers, no drunks, no criminals, no bloodsuckers, no excuse makers, no crybabies, no punks, no Obama supporters. My entire team are dedicated to be the absolute best that we can be and as productive as humanly possible. Wouldn't that be great if all of America were like that." - Ted Nugent

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- "When I was growing up, kids used to talk about snitching... It never extended as a cultural norm outside of the gangsters." - Geoffrey Canada

- "Nobody supported me; my family thought I had gone crazy. They thought, you crazy gangster, you crazy drug addict, now you want to be a writer? That's it! They totally gave up on me after that." - Luis J. Rodriguez

- "Moving to Australia was not a career move, but a quality of life issue. It has no guns, no God, and no gangster rap. As an Ethiopian cab driver said to me the other day when I was returning from a gig in Sydney, Australia is a peaceful, democratic place. I like the relatively stress free lifestyle. It's worth the drop in income." - Franklyn Ajaye

Gangster Quotes And Memes

- "Let me say for the record, I am not a gangster and never have been. I'm not the thief who grabs your purse. I'm not the guy who jacks your car. I'm not down with people who steal and hurt others. I'm just a brother who fights back. I'm not some violent closet psycho. I've got a job. I'm an artist." - Tupac Shakur

- "Everybody needs love. There are a lot of guys that you think are hard-core gangsters, but all these guys' weaknesses are women. Look at the movie Scarface. At the end of the day, all he wanted to do was to have kids with his woman." - Master P

- "I think zombies would fit in anywhere. You can tell any story, and put zombies in it. I don't know how I'd find the backing, but I think it'd be great to make a zombie gangster movie." - George A. Romero

- "Every human being has a bit of gangster in him." - Binyavanga Wainaina

- "Cannabis never killed anybody and it's use is widespread. You can"t stop it. The law defeats itself because all the efforts to stop drugs coming in only drives up the prices and then gangsters move in to push the drugs. If they legalised there wouldn't be gangsters and huge profits...The police are gradually decriminalising the possession of cannabis because they realise there's not much point prosecuting" - James Pickles

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- "I think one of the most destructive things in terms of American security has been for all of our leaders, without exception in both parties, to identify Osama bin Laden as a gangster or as a madman, as an apocalyptic character who's out to destroy our civilization." - Michael Scheuer

- "George Raft may or may not have gone both ways, but he was very sensitive to what they said about him, and it was one factor why he decided to play all those gangsters in the movies." - Cesar Romero

Gangster Quotes For Her

- "You gotta be comfortable in your own skin, man. I am, yaknow. Like I said, I am what I am, b. I'm not a gangster, namean. I ain't no killer. Have I used a gun before? Yeah but, just because you use a gun, don't mean you a killer or a gangster. It means you a man." - Sean Price

- "Mulberry Street was the beating heart of the Italian-American experience, but you don't find those gangsters now. I live with a bunch of yuppies and models." - Abel Ferrara

- "The United States has entered the ranks of the failed states. One of the most remarkable manifestations of a failed state is that the criminals are all inside the government operating against the people, whereas in a normal state, the criminals are on the outside of the government, operating against it. So, we now have every manifestation of being a failed state, with the government in the hands of a few Wall Street gangsters." - Paul Craig Roberts

- "This American system of ours,call it Americanism,call it capitalism,call it what you will,gives each and every one of us a great opportunity if we seize it with both hands and make the most of it." - Al Capone

- "The normal citizen looked at us and saw a mixture of gangster, hippy, criminal and ape. Once somebody rang us up with a nice voice and asked if they could do a feature article on us about how a commune works. They came and asked us questions, took our photos and disappeared. One week later the article appeared and it said: 'This kind of community stinks and if this is the future of Germany then we need Adolf back.'" - Chris Karrer

- "The Italian gangster thing has become a form of the modern-day Western" - Armand Assante

- "How can I be a gangster, if I worked for the KGB? It is absolutely ridiculous." - Vladimir Putin

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Gangster Quotes For Instagram Bio

- "I've been acting a long time, and I can play a Cockney gangster or a womanizer in my sleep or standing on my head. But what I try to do is I try to find characters that are as far away from me as I possibly can and then make them real. A French Nazi is about as far away from me as I can possibly get without actually going to Mars or something." - Michael Caine

- "Fascism was little more than terrorist rule by corrupt gangsters. Mussolini was not corrupt himself but he did nothing except to rage impotently." - A. J. P. Taylor

- "I know nothing of what it is to be a gangster." - Michael K. Williams

- "If being a gangster were a prerequisite to being a musician, there'd be a lot less cello music, for example." - Greg Giraldo

- "I've only played gangsters and cops, and I always have to be serious." - Manny Montana

- "The whole world is conscious. It's just that we become conscious at times, and you become conscious when you lose a parent, or just a loved one, period - a wife, a brother, you know. You wake up and say, "Man, it's real. I don't need this pimp gangster stuff anymore, I need something with a little more substance." And there is marketing for that." - KRS-One

- "Gangsters live for the action. The closer to death, the nearer to the heated coil of the moment, the more alive they feel. Most would rather succumb to a barrage of bullets from a roomful of sworn enemies than to the debilitation of old age, dying the death of the feeble. A gangster becomes as addicted to the thrill of the battle and the potential to die in the midst of it as he does to he more attractive lures in his path. In his world, the potential for death exists every day. The better gangsters don't shy away from such a dreaded possibility but rather find comfort in its proximity." - Lorenzo Carcaterra

Gangster Quotes Tumblr

- "Visually I've always liked the 20s 30s for film. I do these because I like the music. I like the clothes. I like the way the women and the guys look. There are soldiers and sailors and gangsters with the machine guns in their violin cases. It's a very colorful era of New York, full of great theater and great nightclubs and great jazz." - Woody Allen

- "I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown?" - Joe Pesci

- "I play a lot of hard men and gangsters, and I’m not like that at all." - Sean Pertwee

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- "It is Toussaint's supreme merit that while he saw European civilisation as a valuable and necessary thing, and strove to lay its foundations among his people, he never had the illusion that it conferred any moral superiority. He knew French, British, and Spanish imperialists for the insatiable gangsters that they were, that there is no oath too sacred for them to break, no crime, deception, treachery, cruelty, destruction of human life and property which they would not commit against those who could not defend themselves." - C. L. R. James

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