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- "I believe a man is better anchored who has a belief in the Supreme Being." - James Cash Penney

- "I believe that I possess this value: to serve Jesus. I am less at peace than if my goal would be to attain a professorship and a good life, but I live. And that gives me the tremendous feeling of happiness, as if one would hear music. One feels uprooted, because one asks, what lies ahead, what decisions should I make-but more alive, happier than those anchored in life. To drift with released anchor." - Albert Schweitzer

- "How wise and how merciful is that provision of nature by which his earthly anchor is usually loosened by many little imperceptible tugs, until his consciousness has drifted out of its untenable earthly harbor into the great sea beyond!" - Arthur Conan Doyle

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- "I think I'd like to stay anchoring because, number one, I'm learning a lot, and I love it when I'm learning. And number two, I also have the luxury of a stable life." - Linda Vester

- "I believe that the souls of women flatten and anchor themselves in times of adversity, lay in for the stay. I've heard that when elephants are attacked they often run, not away, but toward each other. Perhaps it is because they are a matriarchal society." - Elizabeth Berg

- "In good times, we all want to drop anchor, to stop in time! But man is condemned to move till the far end of the precipice!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

Anchor Quotes Love

- "I get an adrenaline rush from "playing with the big boys." I consider myself a tomboy and was an athlete in high school, so I like to "talk shop" anyway. But it's fun to actually get paid to cover the NFL with all these incredible former players and sports anchors." - Megan Alexander

- "You know what is good about these Dixie Chicks burnings or bashings? It's a wonderful, wonderful way for really stupid people to hook up. They meet, they throw some things on the fire, they talk about Vin Diesel, they tell stories about who their favorite Fox anchor is, they exchange phone numbers and in some cases has led to marriages." - Janeane Garofalo

- "Being engaged in some way for the good of the community, whatever that community, is a factor in a meaningful life. We long to belong, and belonging and caring anchors our sense of place in the universe." - Patricia Churchland

- "Do you know what White House correspondents call actors who pose as reporters? Anchors." - Jay Leno

- "Ultimate hope constitutes the anchor of the soul." - Neal A. Maxwell

- "Being an anchor is not just a matter of sitting in front of a camera and looking pretty." - David Brinkley

- "Wilderness is an anchor to windward. Knowing it is there, we can also know that we are still a rich nation, tending our resources as we should - not a people in despair searching every last nook and cranny of our land for a board of lumber, a barrel of oil, a blade of grass, or a tank of water." - Clinton Presba Anderson

- "anchor, v.: I drift, I drift, I drift, you stay." - David Levithan

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Anchor Quotes Short

- "I don't want the news to be patriotic. I don't want to see flags on the lapels of the anchors. I don't want any of that." - Aaron McGruder

- "A man's real faith is never contained in his creed, nor is his creed an article of his faith. The last is never adopted. This it is that permits him to smile ever, and to live even as bravely as he does. And yet he clings anxiously to his creed, as to a straw, thinking that that does him good service because his sheet anchor does not drag." - Henry David Thoreau

- "Our heart is a port; allow every ship to come to the port; but let only the best one to anchor!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

- "From the right, you get demagogues shouting about brown-skinned anchor babies and clamoring to deport the undocumented. From the left, you get advocacy for the oppressed but otherwise, when it comes to national civic identity, mainly silence." - Eric Liu

- "Don't drag anchors of unforgiveness into your relationships. Forgive who you need to forgive. Reach out to someone who may be able to help you work this through. Don't drag around those things that "encumber" you." - Lee Ezell

- "And more than once in the course of time, the same theme reappears: among the mystics of the fifteenth century, it has become the motif of the soul as a skiff, abandoned on the infinite sea of desires, in the sterile field of cares and ignorance, among the mirages of knowledge, amid the unreason of the world - a craft at the mercy of the sea's great madness, unless it throws out a solid anchor, faith, or raises its spiritual sails so that the breath of God may bring it to port." - Michel Foucault

- "By looking through the eyes of co-creation - seeing that we are co-creating this universe, co-creating our relationships, and co-creating our experiences - we can find the unseen patterns that exist inside of us. And with this clear-eyed wisdom, we are able to cut the line, drop the anchor, and set ourselves free." - Debbie Ford

- "Let your home be you mast and not your anchor." - Khalil Gibran

Anchor Quotes Friendship

- "You will never be on this anchor desk, because you're Chinese." - Julie Chen

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- "She was the light of our lives, our anchor, compass and vision." - Ralph Nader

- "Artists are the gatekeepers of truth. We are civilization’s anchor. We are the compass for humanity’s conscience." - Harry Belafonte

- "A crisis event often explodes the illusions that anchor our lives." - Robert Veninga

- "There are two types of people-anchors and motors. You want to lose the anchors and get with the motors because the motors are going somewhere and they're having more fun. The anchors will just drag you down." - Robert Wyland

- "You are leaving port under sealed orders and in a troubled period. You cannot know whither you are going or what you are to do. But why not take the Pilot on board who knows the nature of your sealed orders from the outset, and who will shape your entire voyage accordingly? He knows the shoals and the sand banks, the rocks and the reefs, He will steer you safely into that celestial harbor where your anchor will be cast for eternity. Let His almighty nail-pierced hands hold the wheel, and you will be safe." - Peter Marshall

Anchor Quotes Family

- "So as you are beginning your day anchor yourself in the truth. Know that all is well. Extend this to your friends, colleagues and all that you meet. That life is for YOU! It is never against you." - Michael Beckwith

- "The current wisdom now is that if the three networks are covering the news the same way the difference is the anchor people. I think that won't be true in the future." - Roone Arledge

- "the anchor man thrown overboard has simply rooted us in history's repeating cycle" - Saul Williams

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- "Do you know what the three most exciting sounds in the world are?
Anchor chains, airplane motors and train whistles." - George Bailey

- "I've never been in a focus-group meeting. I wonder how many anchors can say that." - Shepard Smith

- "The deep secret of the brain is that not only the spinal cord but the entire central nervous system works this way: internally generated activity is modulated by sensory input. In this view, the difference between being awake and being asleep is merely that the data coming in from the eyes anchors the perception." - David Eagleman

- "Some of my colleagues want to be The Anchorman on the Mount. Others see themselves as the Ace Reporter. Because of 60 Minutes, there's a whole herd of them determined to be The Grand Inquisitor and a heady number want only to be The Friendliest Anchor on the Block. At least one wants to be Jesus." - Linda Ellerbee

Anchor Quotes About Strength

- "The people who get into trouble in our company are those who carry around the anchor of the past." - John Welch

- "A family needs a father to anchor it." - L. Tom Perry

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- "I love sports. So if I was like a sports anchor or something like that. I would love to do that." - Jana Kramer

- "Hopefully, any character I play has an anchor in reality." - Michael Sheen

- "Amidst the confusion of the times, the conflicts of conscience, and the turmoil of daily living, an abiding faith becomes an anchor to our lives." - Thomas S. Monson

- "I write because it's all I know how to do. Writing is my anchor and my purpose. My life is informed by writing, whether the work is going well or I'm stuck in the hell of writer's block, which I'm happy to report only occurs about once a day." - Sue Grafton

- "I believe that the souls of women flatten and anchor themselves in times of adversity, lay in for the stay." - Elizabeth Berg

Anchor Quotes For Teachers

- "A landline is an anchor - busy signals, long distance bills, missed connections and all." - Rainbow Rowell

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