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- "I am not even an atheist so much as I am an antitheist; I not only maintain that all religions are versions of the same untruth, but I hold that the influence of churches, and the effect of religious belief is positively harmful. Reviewing the false claims of religion, I do not wish, as some sentimental materialists affect to wish, that they were true. I do not envy believers their faith. I am relieved to think that the whole story is a sinister fairy tale; life would be miserable if what the faithful affirmed was actually the case." - Christopher Hitchens

- "I feel like, when we're kids, you're sold into this fairy tale of what love is. That Prince Charming's gonna come along and save you and you're gonna live happily ever after. They're gonna rescue me from the Bronx, and we're gonna go off and live in a castle somewhere and it's gonna be awesome. He's gonna love me forever, and I'm gonna love him forever, and it's gonna be real easy. And it's so different than that." - Jennifer Lopez

- "Recollections of early childhood bear comparison to fairy tales, and ... youth remains an unknown country to whose bourn no traveler returns except as the agent of a foreign power." - Lewis H. Lapham

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- "I credit that eight years of grammar school with nourishing me in a direction where I could trust myself and trust my instincts. They gave me the tools to reject my faith. They taught me to question and think for myself and to believe in my instincts to such an extent that I just said, "This is a wonderful fairy tale they have going here, but it's not for me."" - George Carlin

- "Butterflies and zebras And moonbeams and fairy tales That's all she ever thinks about Riding with the wind." - Jimi Hendrix

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- "I want to believe in the fairy tale." - Monica Murphy

- "It's [Jack the Giant Slayer] one of those fairy tales your mom and dad read to you when you're little. Never once did I imagine myself in it. It's just phenomenal. Words just can't really describe it. It brings the biggest smile to my face." - Eleanor Tomlinson

- "I like to make people happy, and with fairy tales, I can say anything I want to, but in an agreeable way." - Michel Ocelot

- "They were still all beautiful and there was still enchantment and wonder, but she had crossed a line and now the fairy tale was green with corruption and evil." - Stephen King

- "When I went back to England after a year away, the country seemed stuck, dozing in a fairy tale, stifled by the weight of tradition." - Brian Eno

- "In the fairy tale you mentioned last night, I would probably be the villain. But it's possible the villain would treat you far better than the prince would have." - Lisa Kleypas

- "This is a fairy tale with teeth and claws." - Ilsa J. Bick

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- "Whenever Disney asks if you want to do a fairy tale musical, you say yes." - Robert Lopez

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- "In grammar school they taught me that a frog turning into a prince was a fairy tale. In the university they taught me that a frog turning into a prince was a fact!" - Ron Carlson

- "The unsparing savagery of stories like “The Robber Bridegroom” is a sharp reminder that fairy tales belong to the childhood of culture as much as to the culture of childhood... They capture anxieties and fantasies that have deep roots in childhood experience." - Maria Tatar

- "Honesty is a rare commodity in a palace, and that is why so many fairy-tale marriages end up on the rocks." - Garrison Keillor

- "And we carry onWhen our lives come undoneWe carry onCause there's promise in the morning sunWe carry onAs the dark surrenders to the dawnWe were born to overcomeWe carry onBeyond the picket fences and the oil wellsThe happy endings and the fairy talesIs the reality of shattered lives and broken dreamsWe carry on" - Tim McGraw

- "I'm very interested in talking about children in this moment where you are going to become a teenager, and I think it's very relevant to use a fairy tale to talk about that." - Lucile Hadzihalilovic

- "We have been poisoned by fairy tales." - Anais Nin

- "Fairy tales do not give the child his first idea of bogey. What fairy tales give the child is his first clear idea of the possible defeat of bogey. The baby has known the dragon intimately ever since he had an imagination. What the fairy tale provides for him is a St. George to kill the dragon." - Gilbert K. Chesterton

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- "The good historian is like the giant of the fairy tale. He knows that wherever he catches the scent of human flesh, there his quarry lies." - Marc Bloch

- "Human beings never enjoy complete happiness in this world. I was not born for a different destiny to the rest of my species: to imagine such a lot befalling me is a fairy tale -- a daydream." "Which I can and will realise. I shall begin today." - Charlotte Bronte

- "There must be possible a fiction which, leaving sociology and case histories to the scientists, can arrive at the truth about the human condition, here and now, with all the bright magic of the fairy tale." - Ralph Ellison

- "Every fairy tale had a bloody lining. Every one had teeth and claws." - Alice Hoffman

- "Vanity, in a fairy tale, will make you evil. Vanity in the real world will drive you nuts. Vanity makes you say things like “I deserved a better life than this." - Richard Siken

- "In the past, love for me has always meant forever, and sure, you still nurse some of those fantasies, but I don't try to force it anymore. I hung on to my fairy-tale ideals for a long time. But where I am now, what I've been through, there are no rules. There are lots of ways it can turn out." - Jennifer Lopez

- "I am your fairy tale. Your dream. Your wishes and desires, and I am your thirst and your hunger and your food and your drink." - Klaus Kinski

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- "One of the basic motifs in fairy tales is that you find the poor and unfortunate along the side of the road, and when they beg for help, if you give it to them, you end up succeeding. If you don't give it to them, you end up being turned into a frog or something. It's something that's been around for thousands of years, a concept that's been around for thousands of years." - George Lucas

- "So there are different examples of fairy tales, and sometimes I believe in them and sometimes I don't." - Taylor Swift

- "It could have been like a fairy tale. But fairy tales aren't real. Things don't work like that. There's a price for everything." - Maureen Johnson

- "The regime is in trouble economically and can no longer offer anything to its citizens. That's why [Vladimir] Putin has to pursue an aggressive foreign policy, so he can serve his people the fairy tale of Russian pride and regaining its strength as a major power." - Garry Kasparov

- "My father leaving the family shaped who I was and how I looked at the world. By the same token, my father telling me fairy tales that he had made up shaped me profoundly, too." - Kate DiCamillo

- "A writer is dreamed and transfigured into being by spells, wishes, goldfish, silhouettes of trees, boxes of fairy tales dropped in the mud, uncles' and cousins' books, tablets and capsules and powders...and then one day you find yourself leaning here, writing on that round glass table salvaged from the Park View Pharmacy--writing this, an impossibility, a summary of who you came to be where you are now, and where, God knows, is that?" - Cynthia Ozick

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- "Fairy tales opened up a door into my imagination - they don't conform to the reality that's around you as a child. I started reading when I was three and read everything, but I wanted to be an actress." - Kate Atkinson

- "Why the fairy tale of Willie Mays making a brilliant World Series catch, and then dashing off to play stickball in the street with his teenage pals. That’s baseball. So is the husky voice of a doomed Lou Gehrig saying, ‘I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this earth.’" - Ernie Harwell

- "In the fairy tale the painting represents the here and now. The book is actually divided into five sections, through which the key character, the muse, leads us." - Kit Williams

- "There's no way to explain to a child that the line between good and evil isn't nearly as black and white as a fairy tale would lead you to believe. That an ordinary person can turn into a villain, under the right circumstances. That sometimes we dragon slayers do things we aren't proud of." - Jodi Picoult

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- "Think for a minute, darling: in fairy tales it's always the children who have the fine adventures. The mothers have to stay at home and wait for the children to fly in the window." - Audrey Niffenegger

- "Give Mozart a fairy tale and he creates without effort an immortal masterpiece." - Camille Saint-Saens

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- "I published my first book in 1982 - a collection of Irish folklore called Irish Folk & Fairy Tales. It is still in print today. My first young adult book was published a couple of years later, and I've been writing in both genres ever since." - Michael Scott

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