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- "Baseball is fathers and sons. Football is brothers beating each other up in the backyard." - Donald Hall

- "I'm so sorry, Henri," I whisper in his ear. I close my eyes. "I love you. I wouldn't have missed a second of it, either. Not for anything," I whisper. "I'm going to take you back yet. Somehow I am going to get you back to Lorien. We always joked about it but you were my father, the best father I could have ever asked for. I'll never forget you, not for a minute for as long as I live. I love you, Henri. I always did." - Pittacus Lore

- "Perhaps host and guest is really the happiest relation for father and son." - Evelyn Waugh

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- "The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." - Theodore Hesburgh

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- "If I could give you one thought, it would be to lift someone up. Lift a stranger up--lift her up. I would ask you, mother and father, brother and sister, lovers, mother and daughter, father and son, lift someone. The very idea of lifting someone up will lift you, as well." - Maya Angelou

- "Our mythology tells us so much about fathers and sons. ... What do we know about mothers and daughters? ... Our power is so oblique, so hidden, so ethereal a matter, that we rarely struggle with our daughters over actual kingdoms or corporate shares. On the other hand, our attractiveness dries as theirs blooms, our journey shortens just as theirs begins. We too must be afraid and awed and amazed that we cannot live forever and that our replacements are eager for their turn, indifferent to our wishes, ready to leave us behind." - Anne Roiphe

- "A slight sabre-cut will separate my head from my body, like the spring flower which the Master of the garden gathers for His pleasure. We are all flowers planted on this earth, which God plucks in His own good time: some a little sooner, some a little later. Father and son may we meet in Paradise. I, poor little moth, go first. Adieu." - Theophane Venard

- "To her, the name of father was another name for love." - Fanny Fern

- "The father who does not teach his son his duties is equally guilty with the son who neglects them." - Confucius

- "I think previously, when fathers and sons argued with each other, they would still face each other and face each other's feelings, but now, the relationships between people has become much more abstracted. I think, actually, in China, the gulf that exists between the pre- and post-internet generations is more vast." - Jia Zhangke

- "How strange it is that Socrates, after having made the children common, should hinder lovers from carnal intercourse only, but should permit love and familiarities between father and son or between brother and brother, than which nothing can be more unseemly, since even without them love of this sort is improper. How strange, too, to forbid intercourse for no other reason than the violence of the pleasure, as though the relationship of father and son or of brothers with one another made no difference." - Aristotle

- "For it is the suffering flesh, it is suffering, it is death, that lovers perpetuate upon the earth. Love is at once the brother, son, and father of death, which is its sister, mother, and daughter. And thus it is that in the depth of love there is a depth" - Miguel de Unamuno

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- "My father and I made genetics history. We were the first African-Americans and the first father and son anywhere to have their genomes sequenced." - Henry Louis Gates

- "Baseball, more than any other sport, has a magical way of connecting fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, grandparents and grandchildren and ancestors back down the line. - From The Brooklyn Nine" - Alan Gratz

- "One father is enough to govern one hundred sons, but not a hundred sons one father." - George Herbert

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- "Father and son are natural enemies and each is happier and more secure in keeping it that way." - John Steinbeck

- "With sons and fathers, there's an inexplicable connection and imprint that your father leaves on you." - Brad Pitt

- "In this movie, you have all the things you love from Tim. All the magic and the whimsy and the surreal, but he also has a fantastic story of a father and son that really gets under your skin." - Danny DeVito

- "No love is greater than that of a father for His son." - Dan Brown

- "One way to read the Book of Mormon is as a book of encounters between fathers and sons. Some of those encounters were very positive and reinforcing on the part of the father of a son. Some were occasions where a father had to tell his son or his sons that the path that they were following was incorrect before the Lord." - Lance B. Wickman

- "It is not flesh and blood, but heart which makes us fathers and sons." - Friedrich Schiller

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- "It is a fascinating fact that father and son have given the most striking evidence for the apparently contradictory properties of the electron: the father proving its character as a particle, the son its character as a wave... Thomson was extremely proud of his son's success and tried to assimilate the new results into his old convictions." - Max Born

- "We think our fathers fools, so wise we grow. Our wiser sons, no doubt will think us so." - Alexander Pope

- "Fathers and sons are much more considerate of one another than mothers and daughters." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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- "The relationship between officers and men should in no sense be that of superior and inferior, nor that of master and servant, but rather that of teacher and scholar. In fact, it should partake of the nature of the relationship between father and son, to the extent that officers, especially commanding officers, are responsible for the physical, mental, and moral welfare, as well as the discipline and military training of the young men under their command." - John A. Lejeune

- "The father-son thing, that's a separate thing. This film [Forsaken] was not about that. This was a film about two actors wanting to try and tell a story... and taking advantage of the fact that we looked like a father and son." - Kiefer Sutherland

- "To be calm when you've found something going on" - Cat Stevens

- "Be careful to leave your sons well instructed rather than rich, for the hopes of the instructed are better than the wealth of the ignorant." - Epictetus

- "Go on daddy-daughter dates and father-and-sons' outings with your children. As a family, go on campouts and picnics, to ball games and recitals, to school programs, and so forth. Having Dad there makes all the difference." - Ezra Taft Benson

- "Cuban agents are assigned to a Catholic Church where their instructions are to beat, jail and intimidate the Ladies In White that attend Mass and who afterwards peacefully take to the streets calling for the release of their husbands, sons and fathers who are political prisoners." - Marco Rubio

- "A man knows when he is growing old because he begins to look like his father." - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

- "When you put a halo on concepts - gender roles, religion, nationality or pride - or you put a halo on any topic - anything that you hold dear like the relationship between a father and son or a mother and daughter, what it means to be married or what it means to be single or what it means to be a free spirit or what it means to be an artist - if you just put a halo on something and say it's untouchable - "that is special and that is perfect" - you immediately close your eyes to the truth of it, because the truth is that nothing is perfect." - Dan Mangan

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- "You don't raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes." - Wally Schirra

- "The father of a daughter is nothing but a high-class hostage. A father turns a stony face to his sons, berates them, shakes his antlers, paws the ground, snorts, runs them off into the underbrush, but when his daughter puts her arm over his shoulder and says, 'Daddy, I need to ask you something,' he is a pat of butter in a hot frying pan." - Garrison Keillor

- "The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God; I call him Dad!" - John Walter Bratton

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- "[My father] loved me tenderly and shyly from a distance, and later on took a naive pride in seeing my name in print." - Arthur Koestler

- "Baseball is sunshine, green grass, fathers and sons, our rural past." - Albert Theodore Powers

- "The purpose of a fishing trip is not to catch fish. Bringing home meat is important, but it is more symbolic than necessary, as the new morality of catch-and-release has shown. What is important is what happens between people on fishing trips, especially between uncles and nephews, fathers and sons, old men in general and young boys in particular, it is one of the few times men are together without women." - Paul G. Quinnett

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- "He followed in his father's footsteps, but his gait was somewhat erratic." - Nicolas Bentley

- "Fathers and sons are much more considerate of one another than mothers and daughters." - Friedrich Nietzsche

- "The hero of the beloved Star Wars trilogy is Luke. The principle dynamic is the complicated relationship between Luke and his father. Not coincidentally, George Lucas' last name sounds a lot like Luke. That's the one he identified with. George Lucas had a tumultuous relationship with his own father, and people who know him say that you can't understand the backstory of the movies without knowing that his dad was occasionally difficult but also very loving. They had a big break between them. In those movies, he's very focused on sons and fathers." - Cass Sunstein

- "The tie is stronger than that between father and son and father and daughter. The bond is also more complex than the one between mother and daughter. For a woman, a son offers the best chance to know the mysterious male existence." - Carol Klein

- "I've been a biker, I've been a convict, I've been a husband, father, and son." - Duane Chapman

- "My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." - Clarence Budington Kelland

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- "Some fathers and sons don't get along that well when they're younger because they can't find a way to reach each other, ... A father loves you dearly but you don't see it and so you're always trying to please your father, but your father doesn't let you know how he feels, which is, you don't have to please him because he already loves you." - Braylon Edwards

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