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- "You can become a big master in chess only if you see your mistakes and short-comings. Exactly the same as in life itself." - Alexander Alekhine

- "Football is like chess, only without the dice." - Lukas Podolski

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- "I just think we should look at this as a chess match," he said, "between the world's greatest chess player and Garry Kasparov." - Lou Gerstner

- "Rather an end in horror, than horror without end. He could not condemn principles he might need to invoke and apply later. The wolf cannot help having been created by God as he is, but we shoot him all the same if we have to. The great player in diplomacy, as in chess, asks the question,Does this improve me?, not look at the possible fringe benefits If you can't have what you like, you must like what you have." - A. J. P. Taylor

Chess Quotes Queen

- "Blitz chess kills your ideas." - Bobby Fischer

- "There is no remorse like the remorse of Chess" - H. G. Wells

- "Chess is intellectual gymnastics." - Wilhelm Steinitz

- "Enormous self-belief, intuition, the ability to take a risk at a critical moment and go in for a very dangerous play with counter-chances for the opponent - it is precisely these qualities that distinguish great players." - Garry Kasparov

- "Remorse has no place in a warrior's mind... A war is like a game of chess, Nicholaa. Every battle is like a well-thought-out move on the board. Once it begins, there shouldn't be any emotion involved whatsoever." - Julie Garwood

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- "It's interesting that the greatest minds of computer science, the founding fathers, like Alan Turing and Claude Shannon and Norbert Wiener, they all looked at chess as the ultimate test. So they thought, "Oh, if a machine can play chess, and beat strong players, set aside a world champion, that would be the sign of a dawn of the AI era." With all due respect, they were wrong." - Garry Kasparov

- "By the mid-1990s the number of people with some experience of using computers was many orders of magnitude greater than in the 1960s. In the Kasparov defeat they recognized that here was a great triumph for programmers, but not one that may compete with the human intelligence that helps us to lead our lives." - Igor Aleksander

Chess Quotes About Love

- "Quiet moves often make a stronger impression than a wild combination with heavy sacrifices." - Mikhail Tal

- "Chess is a matter of vanity." - Alexander Alekhine

- "In conclusion, if you want to unravel the multitude of secrets of chess then don't begrudge the time." - Garry Kasparov

- "An innovation need not be especially ingenious, but it must be well worked out." - Paul Keres

- "Sir, the slowness of genius is hard to bear, but the slowness of mediocrity is insufferable." - Henry Thomas Buckle

- "It is peculiar but a fact nevertheless, that the gamblers in chess have enthusiastic followers." - Mikhail Botvinnik

- "Good positions don't win games, good moves do" - Gerald Abrahams

Chess Quotes Funny

- "No other great master has been so misunderstood by the vast majority of chess amateurs and even by many masters, as has Emanuel Lasker." - Jose Raul Capablanca

- "Fischer is the strongest player in the world. In fact, the strongest player who ever lived" - Larry Evans

- "For me right now I think being the world number one is a bigger deal than being the world champion because I think it shows better who plays the best chess. That sounds self-serving but I think it's also right." - Magnus Carlsen

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- "Capablanca used to talk calmly and moderately about everything. However, when our conversation turned to the problems of the battle for the world championship, in front of me was a quite different person: an enraged lion, although with the fervour typical only of a southerner, with his temperamental patter, which made it hard to follow the torrent of his indignant exclamations and words." - Alexander Koblencs

- "You can only get good at Chess if you love the game" - Bobby Fischer

- "Nervous energy is the ammunition we take into any mental battle. If you don't have enough of it, your concentration will fade. If you have a surplus, the results will explode." - Garry Kasparov

- "Leonard Chess passed, and that was the end of the Chess label for that time." - Solomon Burke

Chess Quotes In 1984

- "Chess is my profession. I am my own boss; I am free. I like literature and music, classical especially. I am in fact quite normal; I have a Bohemian profession without being myself a Bohemian. I am neither a conformist nor a great revolutionary." - Bent Larsen

- "A man that will take back a move at Chess will pick a pocket" - Richard Fenton

- "I have known many chess players, but among them there has been only one genius - Capablanca!" - Emanuel Lasker

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- "Amberley excelled at chess - a mark, Watson, of a scheming mind." - Arthur Conan Doyle

- "Place the contents of the Chess box in a hat, shake them up vigorously, pour them on the board from a height of two feet, and you get the style of Steinitz" - Henry Bird

- "It feels a little silly to annotate a game in which I didn't make a single move on my own, just following my preparation all the way. [...] A pretty finale. I was obviously hoping for the beauty prize sacrificing both my rooks and all, but OK, Im [sic] afraid requirements are one makes a move of his own for that it seems. Something I could avoid doing in the last five rounds in Dresden. Silly game, this chess." - Jan Gustafsson

- "Computers are our only opponents that don't always have no excuse when losing against me." - Bobby Fischer

- "No Chess Grandmaster is normal; they only differ in the extent of their madness" - Viktor Korchnoi

Chess Quotes Life

- "A lot of people think international relations is like a game of chess. But it's not a game of chess, where people sit quietly, thinking out their strategy, taking their time between moves. It's more like a game of billiards, with a bunch of balls clustered together." - Madeleine Albright

- "He is the so-called father of the modern school of chess; before him, the King was considered a weak piece and players set out to attack the King directly. Steinitz claimed that the King was well able to take care of itself, and ought not to be attacked until one had some other positional advantage. He understood more about the use of squares than Morphy and contributed a great deal more to chess theory." - Bobby Fischer

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- "Chess for me is not a game, but an art. Yes, and I take upon myself all those responsibilities which an art imposes on its adherents." - Alexander Alekhine

- "For me, chess is at the same time a game, a sport, a science and an art. And perhaps even more than that,. There is someting hard to explain to those who do not know the game well. One must first learn to play it correctly in order to savor its richness." - Bent Larsen

- "The best chess-player in Christendom may be little more than the best player of chess; but proficiency in whist implies capacity for success in all those more important undertakings where mind struggles with mind." - Edgar Allan Poe

- "The rise of the Soviet school to the summit of world chess is a logical result of socialist cultural development." - Alexander Kotov

Chess Quotes About Pawns

- "There are some things we do much better than computers, but since most of chess is tactically based they do many things better than humans. And this imbalance remains. I no longer have any issues. It's bit like asking an astronomer, does he mind that a telescope does all the work. He is used to it. It is just an incredible tool that you can use." - Viswanathan Anand

- "Describing one competitive advantage of IBM's Deep Blue chess computer. It has no fear." - Yasser Seirawan

- "I like the moment when I break a man's ego." - Bobby Fischer

- "Firstly, there no such person as Death.
Second, Death's this tall guy with a bone face, like a skeletal monk, with a scythe and an hourglass and a big white horse and a penchant for playing chess with Scandinavians.
Third, he doesn't exist either." - Neil Gaiman

- "Throughout my chess career I sought out new challenges, looking for things no one had done before." - Garry Kasparov

- "Spying is a like a game of chess: Sometimes you have to withdraw, sometimes you have to sacrifice one of your pieces to win - preferably a knight rather than a king or queen." - John Rhys-Davies

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Chess Quotes For Business

- "In chess so much depends on opening theory, so the champions before the last century did not know as much as I do and other players do about opening theory. So if you just brought them back from the dead they wouldn't do well. They'd get bad openings." - Bobby Fischer

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