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- "So far as musical pedagogy is concerned -
And by extension of musical creation -
Nadia Boulanger is the most influential person who ever lived" - Ned Rorem

- "All the more a cheesy musical seems fake, so it requires a level of honesty to be injected or an acknowledgement of that which is fake and fun about musicals, and it isn't necessarily escapist. Like there are great musicals like Once, which feel very almost like a mumblecore musical. I love Once. It's great." - James Ponsoldt

- "Roy Orbison is singing for the lonely, hey, that's me and I want you only." - Bruce Springsteen

- "Wealth and fame can only be so important in the face of musical magic" - Graham Nash

- "You'll find God in the church of your choice, you'll find Woody Guthrie in the Brooklyn State Hospital." - Bob Dylan

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- "I'm much more of a musician than a poet. I just feel much more confident about my musical abilities." - Mary Timony

- "It's like a novelist writing far out things. If it makes a point and makes sense, then people like to read that. But if it's off in left field and goes over the edge, you lose it. The same with musical talent, I think." - Johnny Cash

- "Hit songs did not come out of musicals. Pop-rock was creating the hits. There were very few songs that made the charts out of any Broadway musical." - Stephen Sondheim

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- "How can one express the indefinable sensations that one experiences while writing an instrumental composition that has no definite subject? It is a purely lyrical process. It is a musical confession of the soul, which unburdens itself through sounds just as a lyric poet expresses himself through poetry...As the poet Heine said, 'Where words leave off, music begins.'" - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

- "On the one hand it is said that the aim and object of music is to excite emotions, i.e., pleasurable emotions; on the other hand, the emotions are said to be the subject matter which musical works are intended to illustrate. Both propositions are alike in this, that one is as false as the other." - Eduard Hanslick

- "My dad was a bass player in a Latino band when I was growing up. So we always had musical instruments in our basement." - Lindi Ortega

- "Some writers are curiously unmusical. I don't get it. I don't get them. For me, music is essential. I always have music on when I'm doing well. Writing and music are two different mediums, but musical phrases can give you sentences that you didn't think you ever had." - Barry Hannah

- "Radical feminism, male lesbians, transsexuals, musical condoms with suspenders, and lotsa drummers drumming are all manifestations of a political agenda with roots in the 1960s. This is all fruit we are reaping from the sexual revolution." - Rush Limbaugh

- "I see music as one language. If one musical form eats its own tail, it dies. So it needs to be a mongrel, it needs to be hybridised." - Sting

- "I would like to win the Pulitzer Prize. I would like to win the Nobel Prize. I would like to win a Tony award for the Broadway musical I'm now working on. Aside from these, my aspirations are modest ones." - Ed McBain

- "I'm hoping to do more with my music. I did the stage musical 'Spring Awakening' recently and it reignited the love I have for singing." - Janel Parrish

- "It was like a dam of musical critique had broken. Imasu turned on him with eyes that flashed instead of shining. "It is worse than you can possibly imagine! When you play, all of my mother's flowers lose the will to live and expire on the instant. The quinoa has no flavour now. The llamas are migrating because of your music, and llamas are not a migratory animal. The children now believe there is a sickly monster, half horse and half large mournful chicken, that lives in tha lake and calls out to the world to grant it the sweet release of death." - Cassandra Clare

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- "I don't listen to much rap, really. I can rarely listen to a whole record of it, because musically, it's very formulaic, and oftentimes it doesn't have the best hooks on every track. I like my music to be very musical." - Nellie McKay

- "Music is the medicine of the mind." - John Logan

- "I think that a musician is like a doctor, he's supposed to heal people and make them feel better." - Steve Turre

- "There was a lot that was tricky about playing with [Thelonious Monk]. It's a musical language where there's really no lyrics. It's something you feel and you're hearing. It's like an ongoing conversation. You really had to listen to this guy. Cause he could play the strangest tempos, and they could be very in-between tempos on some of those compositions. You really had to listen to his arrangements and the way he would play them. On his solos, you'd really have to listen good in there. You'd have to concentrate on what you were doing as well." - Roy Haynes

- "I like writing for individuals with really rich musical personalities." - Edgar Meyer

- "As far as being a 'player's player,' you've only got to go to Nashville or Argentina and you can forget about it. The world is full of amazing guitar players, and you know it, and I know's a humbling experience." - Mark Knopfler

- "Jazz music is the power of now. There is no script. It's conversation. The emotion is given to you by musicians as they make split-second decisions to fulfill what they feel the moment requires." - Wynton Marsalis

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- "If I am feeling musical and I pick up the guitar, usually something will eventually come out and I'll see where it goes." - William Fitzsimmons

- "I've always wanted to be a communicator of ideas through music. Today, I wanna be the most effective musical communicator of social change I could be, so I try to find different ways to do it and I'm always challenging myself to find new things, learn new instruments. But I always try to find in my heart, what it is I really want to say with words." - Michael Franti

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- "I've always considered transcribing to be an invaluable tool in the development of one's musical ear and, over the years, I have spent countless glorious hours transcribing different kinds of music, either guitar-oriented or not." - Steve Vai

- "And I said - Styx - as a musical group it is our place to reflect the light that is shining on us back onto this place and say - this is where so much great stuff started." - James Young

- "The biggest musical influence on me was my mum. We were both enraptured by music." - Johnny Marr

- "The trombone is the true head of the family of wind instruments... it has all the serious and powerful tones of sublime musical poetry, from religious, calm and imposing accents to savage, orgiastic outburst." - Hector Berlioz

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- "I had grown up among engineers, and I could remember the engineers of the twenties very well indeed: their open, shining intellects, their free and gentle humor, their agility and breadth of thought, the ease with which they shifted from one engineering field to another, and, for that matter, from technology to social concerns and art. Then, too, they personified good manners and delicacy of taste; well-bred speech that flowed evenly and was free of uncultured words; one of them might play a musical instrument, another dabble in painting; and their faces always bore a spiritual imprint." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

- "Flint must be an extremely wealthy town: I see that each of you bought two or three seats." - Victor Borge

- "Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue." - Plato

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- "Art leaves something to the listener; that's what separates art from craft." - Henry Threadgill

- "I've never really been a confident person, except from a musical standpoint. I had to push myself early on, but it got easier with each gig." - Ed Sheeran

- "I have a musical called Goodbye and Good Luck, based on a Grace Paley short story. I also have King Island Christmas, and there are 20 different productions of it this year." - David Friedman

- "My family is very musical, I was surrounded by it. And from four years old I was the one that asked my mother could I take piano lessons... It wasn't forced on me. It was something I wanted to do. And ever since, I've never stopped, I've never stopped playing music. I never went through a period where I didn't want to do it." - John Legend

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