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- "I don't even like clowns. Clowns are not normal people." - Barbara Park

- "You must know the difference between dissent from the Iraq war and the war on terror and undermining it. And any American that undermines that war, with our soldiers in the field, or undermines the war on terror, with 3,000 dead on 9/11, is a traitor. Everybody got it? Dissent, fine; undermining, you're a traitor. Got it? So, all those clowns over at the liberal radio network, we could incarcerate them immediately. Will you have that done, please? Send over the FBI and just put them in chains, because they, you know, they're undermining everything and they don't care, couldn't care less." - Bill O'Reilly

- "What the banker sighs for, the meanest clown may have-leisure and a quiet mind." - Henry David Thoreau

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- "There are the class clowns that are disruptive and the kids laugh and you earn the teacher's disdain, I was the kind of class clown that also cracked the teacher up. I was funny in a way that was not dissing the teacher; I was funny just to be funny." - Jason Mantzoukas

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- "Clowns work as well as aspirin, but twice as fast." - Groucho Marx

- "At school, I was the classroom clown - I was always being thrown out for being naughty. Before I left, a teacher called me in and suggested I became an actor." - David Harewood

- "I'm more of an 'erotic clown,' it doesn't fall into the female category." - Roy Haylock

- "A lot of times, as a clown, you find acting for a reason. It's a way to exercise yourself. If you're funny, you test yourself." - Matthew Lillard

- "I grew up as a very sarcastic person. I was always the class clown, and to date girls I had to be really funny. I was really skinny growing up." - Kurt Fuller

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- "It really depends on what the screenplay is asking of you, and what your responsibility is to that character. You have the author's intent to deal with, you have the filmmaker's vision, and then you have your own wants, desires and needs for the character. It's collaborative. But I knew, right off the bat, that there was no way to go into some sort of pink-haired, clown-nosed character with Ronald McDonald shoes." - Johnny Depp

- "I have always found clowns really fascinating, especially on film. Even as a kid I was never scared of them." - Rob Zombie

Clown Quotes For Halloween

- "My way is the sensitive, emotional way, because that's who I am. A day doesn't go by where I don't sit and cry, listening to the stories. I try to be the clown and court jester and make people laugh." - Richard Simmons

- "I always had a hard time with fiction. It does feel like driving a car in a clown suit. You're going somewhere, but you're in costume, and you're not really fooling anybody. You're the guy in costume, and everybody's supposed to forget that and go along with you. Obviously, it can work, it works all the time - well, it doesn't always work. Still, no matter what, I'm always looking at the form and addressing it, not ignoring it." - Dave Eggers

- "Some comedians you work with, they only turn on when the camera turn on, and they're like sad-faced clowns when the camera's off. And then, they come alive when the camera come on. And you be like, "Oh, damn. You're not a depressed ball of depression, but you are actually funny."" - Ice Cube

- "We're in Trump times - we're in the time this misogynist hate clown is the leader of the free world, and when Putin has made abusing your wife legal, and transgender bathrooms have just been disallowed in school. There are all these political setbacks. And there's no question that those setbacks are very real and need to be treated as civil-rights issues." - Stephen Marche

- "They think I'm being serious when actually I'm a very big clown. But you have to know me to see that. I'm constantly cracking up and cracking everybody else around me up." - Lenny Kravitz

- "I suppose that I'm fairly comfortable with the clown hat on." - Nick Rhodes

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- "Lonely dissent doesn't feel like going to school dressed in black. It feels like going to school wearing a clown suit." - Eliezer Yudkowsky

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- "Okay," I said, "what's your biggest fear?" As always, he took a second to think about the answer. "Clowns," he said. "Clowns." "Yup." I just looked at him. "What?" he said, glancing over at me. "That is not a real answer," I told him. "Says who?" "Says me. I meant a real fear, like of failure, of death, of regret. Like that. Something that keeps you awake nights, questioning your very existence." He thought for a second. "Clowns." - Sarah Dessen

- "I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown?" - Joe Pesci

- "My father was a promoter of Fresh Fest, and they needed an opening act. He got me a slot as a dancer. We tried it out the first time in Atlanta and the crowd went crazy. I was the opening clown." - Jermaine Dupri

- "You see, this heart, won't settle down; just like a child, running, scared, from a clown. Demi Lovato" - Demi Lovato

- "The medical clown connects with patients in a way that is markedly different from the rest of their experience in the hospital." - Jeff Raz

- "READ! Books can be as delicious as hot-fudge sundaes, as funny as clowns, as exciting as a baseball game that's tied in the 9th inning, and as beautiful as the best sunset you ever saw." - Judith Viorst

- "I'm one of the more pessimistic cats on the planet. I make Van Gogh look like a rodeo clown." - Dennis Miller

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- "I'm not a clown but I'm not an academic either." - Tom Verlaine

Clown Quotes And Sayings

- "I've always been misrepresented. You know, I could dress in a clown costume and laugh with the happy people but they'd still say I'm a dark personality." - Tim Burton

- "I was always a class clown, so I never had trouble fitting in; I just had trouble finding out where I really wanted to be." - Logan Henderson

- "There's a way of doing comedy that feels true to the person doing it, that doesn't feel like clown-work or silly faces and antics, but that feels real - like you're playing a real person who has real thoughts and feelings, and it's very grounded. I started to watch all comedy through that prism." - Andy Daly

- "I loved performing; I was always trying to impress my siblings by being a clown. I think that came from being the runt of the litter." - Rose Byrne

- "A clown needn't be the same out of the ring as he has to be when he's in it. If you look at photographs of clowns when they're just being ordinary men, they've got quite sad faces." - Enid Blyton

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- "I'm obsessed with clowns and what they represent and the idea that clowns are supposed to make you laugh, but inevitably they're hiding something. That's how I look at my life." - Madonna Ciccone

- "Obama is a clown. You don't have to be a scientist to know that the President doesn't know what he's talking about when he says fossil fuels are the energy of the past. We have more oil than we need. We'll never run out of it. It's all we've got." - Rush Limbaugh

- "I was always the class clown and got kicked out of class at least once a day for just being a goofball. Not suspended or anything, just sit outside and look at the tree on the bench. I got benched a lot. You keep one foot on the bench and try to get as far away as possible." - Damon Wayans, Jr.

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- "I hate clowns and I would never do anything getting near a clown, I can't go to the circus." - Ty Simpkins

- "Well, the clown suit is a riot, too." - Michael Chiklis

- "'We really shouldn't look like a church.' I've heard that so much I want to vomit. 'Why?' I ask. 'Do you want your bank to look like a bank? Do you want your doctor's office to look like a doctor's office, or would you prefer your doctor to dress like a clown?'" - Charles R. Swindoll

- "Men without dignity are like clowns without an audience, pathetic and lost" - Rubin Carter

- "Hip-hop is universal now, it's all commercial now.
It's like a circle full of circus clowns up in the circuit now." - Eminem

- "You turn into this desperate dude looking for a shred of attention when you just had so much. It's like, "I'm just lonely and all I really want is a hug, but I gotta capture that in something real gross." You start to understand why circus clowns are alcoholics." - Babatunde Adebimpe

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- "Death's gruesome face taunts: soulless eyes, crimson grimace. I really hate clowns." - Katherine Applegate

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- "Socially, it is funny. People are annoyed because, really who is a clown?." - Eric Davis

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