Top 60 Food Quotes From Movies

- "Reward is a happy customer - and an empty plate." - Jacques Torres

- "Wine was given us by God, not that we might be drunken, but that we might be sober. It is the best medicine when it has the best moderation to direct it. Wine was given to restore the body's weakness, not to overturn the soul's strength." - Saint John Chrysostom

- "Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill." - Elsa Schiaparelli

- "As if a cookbook had anything to do with writing." - Alice B. Toklas

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- "I would stand transfixed before the windows of the confectioners' shops, fascinated by the luminous sparkle of candied fruits, the cloudy lustre of jellies, the kaleidoscope inflorescence of acidulated fruit drops - red, green, orange, violet: I coveted the colours themselves as much as the pleasure they promised me." - Simone de Beauvoir

Food Quotes In Italian

- "Where do you go to get anorexia?" - Shelley Winters

- "I can't stand people that do not take food seriously." - Oscar Wilde

- "The strawberry grows underneath the nettle And wholesome berries thrive and ripen best Neighbour'd by fruit of baser quality." - William Shakespeare

- "I really don't think I need buns of steel. I'd be happy with buns of cinnamon." - Ellen DeGeneres

- "I should have remembered that when one is going to lead an entirely new life, one requires regular and wholesome meals." - Oscar Wilde

- "All food is the gift of the gods and has something of the miraculous, the egg no less than the truffle." - Sybille Bedford

- "It is said that for money you can have everything, but you cannot. You can buy food, but not appetite... fun, but not joy; acquaintances, but not friends; leisure, but not peace. You can have the husk of everything for money, but not the kernel." - Arne Garborg

- "I'm a man more dined against than dining." - Maurice Bowra

- "To be tempted and indulged by the city's most brilliant chefs. It's the dream of every one of us in love with food." - Gael Greene

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Food Quotes Healthy

- "It may not be possible to get rare roast beef but if you're willing to settle for well done, ask them to hold the sweetened library paste that passes for gravy." - Marian Burros

- "Teetotallers lack the sympathy and generosity of men that drink." - W. H. Davies

- "I was raised almost entirely on turnips and potatoes, but I think that the turnips had more to do with the effect than the potatoes." - Marlene Dietrich

- "... the agent provocateur of a good dinner." - Marie-Antoine Careme

- "If this was adulthood the only improvement she could detect in her situation was that she could now eat dessert without eating her vegetables." - Lisa Alther

- "The English will agree with me that there are plenty of good things for the table in America; but the old proverb says: 'God sends meat and the devil sends cooks.'" - Frederick Marryat

- "This book is dedicated to Wilbur and Orville Wright, without whom air sickness would still be just a dream." - Dave Barry

- "There was something immensely comforting, I found, about a crumpet - so comforting that I've never forgotten about them and have even learned to make them myself against those times when I have no other source of supply." - Peg Bracken

Food Quotes Julia Child

- "Eggs Benedict is genius. It's eggs covered in eggs. I mean, come on,
that person should be the president." - Wylie Dufresne

- "Never work before breakfast; if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first." - Josh Billings

- "I am not strict vegan, because I'm a hedonist pig. If I see a big chocolate cake that is made with eggs, I'll have it." - Grace Slick

- "The first law of dietetics seems to be: if it tastes good, it's bad for you." - Isaac Asimov

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- "I went home and took my wife and went to my Cosen Tho. Pepys's and found them just sat down to dinner, which was very good; only the venison pasty was palpable beef, which was not handsome." - Samuel Pepys

- "One reason I don't drink is that I want to know when I am having a good time." - Nancy Astor

Food Quotes Funny

- "The only kind of seafood I trust is the fish stick, a totally featureless fish that doesn't have eyeballs or fins." - Dave Barry

- "As you get older, you shouldn't waste time drinking bad wine." - Julia Child

- "When one has tasted watermelon he knows what the angels eat." - Mark Twain

- "And what, Socrates, is the food of the soul? Surely, I said, knowledge is the food of the soul." - Plato

- "Of course I made many boo-boos. At first this broke my heart, but then I came to understand that learning how to fix one's mistakes, or live with them, was an important part of becoming a cook." - Julia Child

- "Nothing more strongly arouses our disgust than cannibalism, yet we make the same impression on Buddhists and vegetarians, for we feed on babies, though not our own." - Robert Louis Stevenson

- "Coffee isn't my cup of tea." - Samuel Goldwyn

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Food Quotes In Spanish

- "Waffles are like pancakes with syrup traps" - Mitch Hedberg

- "If it weren't for Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of television, we'd still be eating frozen radio dinners." - Johnny Carson

- "The egg creams of Avenue A in New York and the root beer float....are among the high points of American gastronomic inventiveness." - Mark Kurlansky

- "Speaking of food, English cuisine has received a lot of unfair criticism over the years, but the truth is that it can be a very pleasant surprise to the connoisseur of severely overcooked livestock organs served in lukewarm puddles of congealed grease. England manufactures most of the world's airline food, as well as all the food you ever ate in your junior-high-school cafeteria." - Dave Barry

- "How about slipping out of those wet things and into a dry Martini?" - Noel Coward

- "Dear gourmands! my bowels yearn towards them as a father's toward his children. They are so good natured! They have such sparkling eyes!" - Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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