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- "I wake up from dreams and go, 'Wow, put this down on paper.' The whole thing is strange. You hear the words, everything is right there in front of your face. ... I am always writing a potpourri of music. I want to give the world escapism through the wonder of great music and to reach the masses. ... And I remember going to the record studio and there was a park across the street and I'd see all the children playing and I would cry because it would make me sad that I would have to work instead." - Michael Jackson

- "What about a man who sits down to wonder Why life has cheated him? Thinks about his situation Hangs his head and cries Will we pretend, his problems don't exist? He's reaching out for help-will we selfishly resist? What about your brother? He's crying What about your brother? He's dying What about your brother?" - Mitch Albom

- "So, I'm the Eighth Wonder of the World. It's flattering and very, very funny." - Eva Longoria

- "Numberless are the world's wonders, but none More wonderful than man." - Sophocles

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Wonder Quotes Book

- "As president, I watched in wonder as Nelson Mandela had the remarkable capacity to forgive his jailers following 26 years of wrongful imprisonment - setting a powerful example of redemption and grace for us all." - George H. W. Bush

- "I always wonder what drives us as Artists." - Diana Krall

- "I wonder if I could have been here before as I drive up the Roman road the Theater seems familiar - perhaps I headed a legion up that same white road... I passed a chateau in ruins which I possibly helped escalade in the middle ages. There is no proof nor yet any denial. We were, We are, and we will be." - George S. Patton

- "The marathon never ceases to be a race of joy, a race of wonder." - Hal Higdon

- "When somebody is talking to you about something terrible on set with lines, and you believe what he says, sometimes it gives a strange vibe, because you wonder when that person is talking if he's talking about something that really happened to him and he's using the character." - Vincent Cassel

- "I also had Wonder Woman Underoos that I really liked. I actually wore them as an outfit to school." - Jennifer Sky

- "For it is owing to their wonder that men both now begin and at first began to philosophize... They were pursuing science in order to know, and not for any utilitarian end." - Aristotle

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- "When you're wondering whether she's his daughter or his girlfriend, she's his girlfriend." - Pamela Druckerman

- "The library card is a passport to wonders and miracles, glimpses into other lives, religions, experiences, the hopes and dreams and strivings of ALL human beings, and it is this passport that opens our eyes and hearts to the world beyond our front doors, that is one of our best hopes against tyranny, xenophobia, hopelessness, despair, anarchy, and ignorance." - Libba Bray

Wonder Quotes And Analysis

- "Treason and murder ever kept together, As two yoke-devils sworn to either's purpose, Working so grossly in a natural cause That admiration did not whoop at them; But thou, 'gainst all proportion, didst bring in Wonder to wait on treason and on murder; And whatsoever cunning fiend it was That wrought upon thee so preposterously Hath got the voice in hell for excellence." - William Shakespeare

- "O'er the rugged mountain's brow Clara threw the twins she nursed, And remarked,'I wonder now Which will reach the bottom first?" - Harry Graham

- "Superman/Wonder Woman, people expected, I guess, a lot of romance, or maybe something that wasnt emotionally deep. Who knows?" - Charles Soule

- "Most people are not in the world of awe and wonder. They're in the world of deadness. Their perceptual fields and bodies are completely self-reflective, and all they see is themselves wherever they go." - Frederick Lenz

- "What right have I to grieve, who have not ceased to wonder?" - Henry David Thoreau

- "On my license, it says I'm an organ donor, but the truth is I'd consider being an organ martyr. I'm sure I'm worth a lot more dead than alive - the sum of the parts equal more than the whole. I wonder who might wind up walking around with my liver, my lungs, even my eyeballs. I wonder what poor asshole would get stuck with whatever it is in me that passes for a heart." - Jodi Picoult

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Wonder Quotes Kindness

- "One wonders why Christians today get off so easily. Is it because unchristian Americans are that much better than unchristian Romans, or is our light so dim that the tormentor can't see it? What are the things we do that are worth persecuting?" - Clarence Jordan

- "Do not wonder that I am so religious. An artist who is not could not produce anything like this. I like praying there at the window when I look out on the green and at the sky. I study with the birds, flowers, God and myself." - Antonin Dvorak

- "In fact, from then on scholars engaged in a kind of game of comparing different Indo-European languages with one another, and eventually they could not fail to wonder what exactly these connections showed, and how they should be interpreted in concrete terms." - Ferdinand de Saussure

- "Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder." - Gilbert K. Chesterton

- "Zach walked away, but I stood there for a long time, wondering if I should go to my mother; if I should go to my friends; but instead I slipped into the corridors I hadn't used in months, pushed my way through cobwebs and darkness, trying to walk away from the tears that burned hot down my cheeks, because maybe I didn't want to admit weakness; maybe I wanted to wallow in my solitude and grief. Or maybe crying is like everything else we do—it's best if you don't get caught." - Ally Carter

- "He was wondering if there was some cryptic, cultish mark on his door that told all the crazy people he'd have trouble saying no." - Anne Tyler

- "Don't ever discount the wonder of your tears. They can be healing waters and a stream of joy. Sometimes they are the best words the heart can speak." - William P. Young

Wonder Quotes And Page Numbers

- "It's no wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody you better breast-feed your baby-yeah, you better-because the price of milk is so high right now!" - Sarah

- "Most of my friends wonder why I get these roles that are so masculine and tough. I think it's my Polish temperament that comes up." - Izabella Scorupco

- "Standing Here My entire world far beneath my feet, I should be filled with pride. Instead, I feel overwhelmed by a sense of defeat. Suddenly it comes to me, toes tempted to test the ledge, that there is a way out of this. Clam surety flows through my veins, and as I turn to wave good-bye, I wonder if it will hurt or if a single person will cry at my funeral. I take a deep breath, a final taste of sweet mountain air. I conjure Leona, Emily. Move my feet closer. Closer There's Grandma One, Grandma Two, and their spouses, waiting for me. I see Dad. Cara. Mommy. I screw up my courage, step over" - Ellen Hopkins

- "After working for TV, you realise that the majority of the population still wonders where their next meal is coming from." - Terence Lewis

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- "Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there." - Stevie Wonder

- "What does he [Pope Francis] mean, "Who am I to judge?" People think he's fantastic, but they also wonder how some of these pieces fit." - Ralph Martin

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- "This is love, I think. A place where people who have been alone may lock together like hawks and spin in the air, dizzy with surprise at the connection. A place you go willingly, and with wonder" - Jodi Picoult

- "Everyone watched, wondering if this could be the same lunatic who'd nearly berthed his ornithopter in the restaurant. I swallowed, for it seemed he was headed straight for my table. He pulled off his helmet and a mass of dark auburn hair spilled out. Off came the goggles, and I was looking at the beaming face of Kate de Vries." - Kenneth Oppel

- "This is not to be cocky, but, I go over real well at Comic-Con. I've done quite a few Comic-Cons, and I enjoy the hell out of them. They are so much fun, and so bizarre. I've done the FX Show in Florida, Wizard-World in Chicago, Comic-Con in San Diego, Wonder-Con in San Francisco, the Comic-Con in New York, and I've done them numerous times." - Kristen Bell

- "Eke wonder last but nine deies never in toun." - Geoffrey Chaucer

- "Ere long intelligence-transmitted without wires-will throb through the earth like a pulse through a living organism. The wonder is that, with the present state of knowledge and the experiences gained, no attempt is being made to disturb the electrostatic or magnetic condition of the earth, and transmit, if nothing else, intelligence." - Nikola Tesla

- "It's unsettling, to lose the safety of the familiar, even when what's disrupted is an ordinary routine. When I began this poem, I was grieving for the loss of my old barbershop in Manhattan, and wondering at the strangeness of my new one. I didn't have any idea the poem would break into the underworld, opening a deeper subject: the continuing force of the old griefs routine helps to mediate, and my strange, sheer wonder at my own survival. Where's home now? In the contingent present, in which anything can disappear, and where we're sometimes granted some form of grace." - Mark Doty

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- "The common people are but ill judges of a man's merits; they are slaves to fame, and their eyes are dazzled with the pomp of titles and large retinue. No wonder, then, that they bestow their honors on those who least deserve them." - Horace

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