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- "Gymnastics has given me everything in my life. I will continue to stay involved and try to give back to the sport that has given me so much." - Nastia Liukin

- "Gymnastics uses every single part of your body, every little tiny muscle that you never even knew." - Shannon Miller

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- "In gymnastics, smaller will always be better in many ways. The stress in the head, that will be the same for all. But the stress on the body and the concussions it must endure, that will always be easier for the little ones." - Bela Karolyi

- "In gymnastics, the longest routine you do is a minute and a half, and that's pretty tough to get through." - Shannon Miller

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- "I had a couple friends from all the different cliques in school, but my true friends were my gymnastics teammates. I grew up competing with them for ten years." - Nicole Anderson

- "Quite often on a movie like Total Recall you have this training period of two or three months where, like on the first 'Underworld' I was doing gymnastics and trampolining and all this stuff which I don't do in the movie necessarily, but mentally it helps. You come home and you go: 'Well, I've done all that. I must be an action star now!' So it helps you focus a little bit and gets you fit." - Colin Farrell

- "Gymnastics is not at all as popular as, for example, soccer. Gymnastics as a sport isn't promoted very well." - Henrietta Onodi

- "In high school I never went to the prom because I was too consumed with gymnastics. Also, with my hair in pigtails and looking about 10, I wasn't exactly date material." - Cathy Rigby

- "You have to have competent people evaluating the athlete, not the housewives!" - Bela Karolyi

- "Gymnastics is a lot like life. You don't become an Elite gymnast by bickering and having a negative attitude. You have to be positive to get to that level." - Shannon Miller

- "There are parents, siblings, teachers and friends, but counting on them to motivate you isn't fair. They've all got their own lives, and while the may be able to help you out, if you can motivate yourself, then you're golden." - Shannon Miller

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- "It might have been easier to retire, to say my knee couldn't handle it and let that be that. At the same time, the prospect of not being able to compete in gymnastics anymore was heartbreaking." - Shawn Johnson

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- "Walking has the best value as gymnastics of the mind." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

- "My family traveled with a whole community to European festivals. My mum did gymnastics, freak show performances, and swung fire in the circus, so I followed her footsteps." - Neon Hitch

- "Gymnastics is the type of sport where you can't take something that gives you more energy. Something may be great for the vault, but then you have the bars after it and you have to be more sedate for that." - Shannon Miller

- "Gymnastics is a lot like life. You don't become an Elite gymnast by bickering and having a negative attitude. You have to be positive to get to that level." - Shannon Miller

- "Wake up every day knowing that today is a new day and only you can determine the outcome of that day. So dream big, accept the challenge, and never look back." - Alicia Sacramone

- "From what my friends tell me, apparently some guys can be pretty intimidated by me when they find out what I do. I find it funny because I try to be modest and I don't like to talk about gymnastics unless I am asked about it. But my roommates always take on my bragging rights and tell my life story to the guys we meet, which leaves me blushing." - Alicia Sacramone

- "We want and expect to win the silver or gold. A bronze would be a step back. In fact, we think it would be a put-down if we don't win the silver or gold." - Betty Okino

- "I would love to learn popping, locking and robotics, gymnastics and acrobatics; it is amazing to learn these things." - Malaika Arora Khan

- "I know gymnastics. It's always been a subjective appreciation." - Bela Karolyi

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- "With gymnastics, I know I was making some people in that world mad because they thought that I wasn't focused on gymnastics. They were like, 'Ugh, she won't get off social media, she's always tweeting.' They wanted me to be America's sweetheart. And I think I've never fit into that cookie cutter person." - McKayla Maroney

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- "Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts." - Dan Gable

- "Set daily, monthly and long term goals and dreams. Don't ever be afraid to dream too big. Nothing is impossible. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve it." - Nastia Liukin

- "The principle aim of gymnastics is the education of all youth and not simply that minority of people highly favored by nature." - Aristotle

- "When it comes to gymnastics, you can be 30 points ahead going into that competition, but on that day, it's all about luck. It's about who has a good day, who stays healthy, it's how happy the judges are that day, there are so many different factors." - Shawn Johnson

- "For me going down in history being the first black American to win the gold, I think more colored people are going to start coming to the gymnastics world and say 'okay, anything is possible. If Gabby did it, then I can do it too.'" - Gabby Douglas

- "Mistakes, obviously, show us what needs improving. Without mistakes, how would we know what we had to work on?" - Peter McWilliams

- "Gymnastics is definitely my job, but the great thing about that is I love my job." - Jonathan Horton

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- "My mom was always like, "If you love it, do it. If she's actually having fun, and I know that my kid is having fun, she's gonna do whatever she wants. Whether that's gymnastics, learning the car, acting or just being a normal kid, she's gonna do what makes her happy." That's how I've always lived my life." - Chloe Grace Moretz

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- "The U.N. bureaucracy has grown to elephantine proportions. Now that the Cold War is over, we are asking that elephant to do gymnastics." - Madeleine Albright

- "I don't want to go anywhere outside of gymnastics." - Dina Kochetkova

- "Sports do not build character. They reveal it." - Heywood Broun

- "When I broke my knee, no one cared how I was; they just wanted me to get better and come back to gymnastics to win more medals for their country." - Lavinia Agache

- "I'm able to support my wife and family off of gymnastics. But at the same time I do take it very seriously - it is a job for me." - Jonathan Horton

- "I love watching gymnastics, swimming, and track and field." - Mia Hamm

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- "I did rhythmic gymnastics and I absolutely adored it. I was in the squad for Sussex. I wasn't stupendous, but it was something that I was good at and I really loved the combination of discipline and expression. That, to me, was just dreamy." - Gwendoline Christie

- "Above all, you have to love what you are doing. You cannot fake passion. If you love it you can fight through the rough times and enjoy the good times." - Shannon Miller

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- "We typically don't choose our athletes until about a month prior to the Games because anything can happen." - Shannon Miller

- "I'm very easy to see on the podium because everyone else is small!" - Svetlana Khorkina

- "You should also appreciate the goodness around you, and surround yourself with positive people." - Nadia Comaneci

- "The coaches today should realize that they are, after all, working with children who sometimes have to stand up to physical and moral stresses which not even all grown-ups could bear." - Elena Mukhina

- "We usually spend one hour per week on ballet but Marta Karolyi has us do a lot of compulsory floor in the morning practice." - Kristie Phillips

- "But let me do I will show the world what gymnastics looks like. Well may be this is a future gymnastics." - Olga Korbut

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